Hero – A Bilateral Review

Sailaja’s take:

A good-willed hero. A kind-hearted heroine. A fireproof “master”. A villain who performs lobotomy like a mani-pedi. Hero is the ultimate commercial package that one could enjoy, taking into mind that it’s a fantasy themed movie, where one does not always question logic.
Sivakarthikeyan (Shakthi) did a great job in portraying a boy next door who morphs into a superhero; it wasn’t very cringey or comedic. He had a clear-cut purpose and he worked towards it, unlike “Mugamoodi”, where Jiiva accidentally becomes a superhero after trying to impress the female lead. Hence, I believe that this film has a more pristine concept. On the whole, Sivakarthikeyan did what he always does: put his best effort into the role and I would say that he once again, succeeded.



Kalyani Priyadarshan’s role (Meera) was a typical one; a benevolent, chirpy girl who tries her best to help the society by partaking in a number of volunteer works. Though her presence wasn’t much in the film, she managed to justify her screen time very well. She made sure that her presence wasn’t annoyingly overwhelming like many other chirpy female leads and I think that her attempt is highly appreciable.

Arjun (Sathyamoorthy) portrayed a mentor-ish, ‘master’ role. Arjun was sublime. He fits perfectly for the role and one couldn’t point out any flaw as far as his portrayal is concerned, except the fact that he is fireproof and his character could’ve had a much better back story.

Abhay Deol (Mahadev) portrayed the role of a bothersome existence to whom you’d want to give a real hard slap because he always finds one way or another to ruin the way things are. This is yet another typical role that I didn’t find any different from many other villains that we’ve seen before.

One of the things I liked about the movie is that, there were no unnecessary “break-into-a-song” sequences, every time the actress brushes past the actor. However, Yuvan did a good job with the soundtrack. Though it was minimalistic, I’m pretty sure his fans would love it. Pointing out the flaws in the existing educational system without sounding controversial is a difficult job. But I think that the movie conveyed the message intended perfectly. The idea was not forced to the audience, it was merely pointed out to us, the simple things we neglect and certain functionings that we aren’t really aware of. This movie also encouraged young minds to be creative, innovative and to expand their horizons. I think this message would’ve reached them loud and clear.

I’m wrapping up my review with a 4/5. As a part of the audience, I genuinely appreciate this film. There wasn’t a single part of the movie where I wanted to stand up on the seat and scream “It’s boringgg. Boo you!” and that’s a pretty big deal. This movie is totally worth the money and time and I would recommend everyone to watch it, especially Sivakarthikeyan fans.


Yuvan’s take:

Hero is the latest attempt in Tamil cinema which tries to revive the superhero genre but unfortunately fails big time owing to an underwhelming screenplay.

Director P.S Mithran seems to have done a lot of research for his script which primarily addresses issues about our flawed education system and the unrecognised talent in the youth of our country. The main problem I had with this movie  is that almost the entire plot is predictable and there are a ton of cringe worthy moments. Sivakarthikeyan tries his best in one of his most serious roles yet but doesn’t seem to fit in the role of an an action (super)hero. His voice modulation for the superhero’s dialogues are worth mentioning.

Abhay Deol’s character is weakly written and has almost zero scope for performance.Kalyani Priyadarshan’s role and performance doesn’t add weight to the story and feels unnecessary. Arjun’s character has an interesting arc and he has pulled it off with ease.Yuvan’s songs are forgettable and the background score is decent. There are scenes in this film which are inspired by Shankar’s Gentleman and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. DOP George William’s visuals are great but the dark and blue-ish theme (which matches the superhero’s suit and mask) seems overused.

The romantic track between Sivakarthikeyan and Kalyani follows the same template used in Kollywood for the last few decades unlike the one in Irumbuthirai(2018), the director’s debut film.The film still has some engaging moments which are supported by the strong technical team. The idea of using high tech gadgets to counter the villains actions is interesting but the director takes it too far with some sequences that are far from the reality. There are a few good messages and facts in this film but they are presented in a preachy tone.

Hero’s core story is wasted because of a compromised and predictable screenplay and hence it is way too far from a proper superhero origin story or even a proper “commercial” action film.

Rating: 2.5/5

Written by Sailaja R of second  year, Rubber and Plastics Technology and Yuvan Raju of first year, Electronics and Communications Engineering

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