There is a saturation point for everything and when that threshold is crossed, changes do occur. The Cine industry is no exception to this universal rule. And KAITHI will be remembered as one of the forerunners which brought that change in Kollywood industry. The top-notch filmmaking quality from the new-gen directors is clearly visible. Director Lokesh Kanagaraj has once again proved the importance of content after his extraordinary debut in MAANAGARM.

The way they promoted this film (no heroine, no songs) itself is a clear indication that people’s mindset has changed. The director sets the screen on fire right from the word go. The story starts progressing literally from the first frame. One must give credit to actor Karthi for taking up such a film where there is no scope for gravity-defying heroism. This has to be his best performance after Paruthiveeran.

The film has a strong emotion in it and is seamless without hindering the film’s pace. The father-daughter emotion has worked its magic on the family audience. This is where Karthi impresses you the most as an ‘actor’.

The entire plot of the film takes place in a single night. Cinematographer Sathyan Sooriyan was impeccable in lightings and intriguing camera angles, one of the best in recent times. The editing was top notch and Sam.C.S’s BGM was nothing short of terrific. The entire cast has given their best, especially those college students and the terrifying debutant villain. Not to mention the eight-minute-long stunt sequence, simply left the audience spellbound.

VERDICT: When all the aspects of a film such as writing, direction, editing, cinematography, sound design, background score, performances from cast and screenplay are top-notch, the result is KAITHI.

Review penned by Sreehari Murali,2nd year, Automobile dept.


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