Movie Name: Joker

IMDB Rating: 8.8/10


Why is a standalone film of a comic book Super-villain getting so hyped? 


Is it because the character is the arch-nemesis of Batman?


It may well be. 


But the ‘JOKER’ character is special because it carries Heath Ledger’s legacy.  Can Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker be compared to that of Heath? 


Short answer – YES!



From the word go, Phoenix captivates us with his immaculate performance.


Arthur Fleck, a paid clown and a wannabe stand-up comedian, suffers from a mental condition, due to which he bursts into laughter in unwanted situations.


Yearning for a peaceful and happy life which he doesn’t get, Arthur is often bullied due to his condition and freakish behaviour in the wretched city of Gotham, rotting with crimes.


Writer-director Todd Phillips has sculpted every scene artistically. Initially, he makes us pity on Arthur, a helpless man reeling under poverty taking care of his ailing mother.


From there to a cold-blooded murderer, the transformation is not instantaneous. It is the whole film and it is bloody brilliant. By saying bloody, I mean it. No drought for violence. Cinematography and background score couldn’t be more fitting. A spine chilling last 30 minutes instils terror just by seeing the character.


And Batman fanatics, you have a surprise!! 



Throughout the film, whenever Arthur kills someone, he dances.

And every time his dance becomes more elegant than the earlier instance. In the climax, he dances with utmost elegance, he loses his sanity, he becomes insane, he completely transforms into JOKER.


As a legend said years ago-

He introduces a little anarchy, upsets the established order and everything becomes chaos.

He is the agent of CHAOS! 



Penned by K M Sreehari, 2nd year Automobile Department.

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