Innovate 19 kicked off in style with a fully packed auditorium- A First in MIT history! 

The event began with Tamil Thai Vazhthu and lighting of the Kuthu Vilakku by the dignataries.

Our Dean Dr. T Thiyagarajan then gave an inspiring presidential address which motivated all the students to work hard and also to work smart. He also enlightened all of us about the various developmental projects undertaken by MIT in the coming years.

Then one by one, all the speakers took to stage and hence  began the session of enlightenment.


Mr. Biglee




Mr Biglee is an example of how,no matter what happens, if you pursue your dreams, irrespective of critisicms and failures, you can succeed.


He shared his incredibly motivating journey – from being an obese kid to winning the Mr Asia title.
He was mocked many times but still he never lost pursuit of his childhood dreams.
Unfortunately he tore his ligament and had fractures and which ended his bodybuilding career.
Doctors adviced him to take rest but Biglee being the man he is, had other plans.
He trained hard got back in shape and has now authored several books and is training people all around the world.


Mr Sriram

Mr Sriram stole the show with an inspiring autobiography-ish story where he proceeded to tell the audience about how he took up cyber security as his passion and profession at a young age of 14-15 years.

By the time he was college, he already had 3 years of experience in the field of cyber security!

He then told the students to follow the thing which they love (profession) and strive hard to achieve their dreams.





Ms Suriya Prabha


A quiet soft-spoken entrepreneur ,the founder of an NGO and organisation spoke about the importance of education.

She does many campaigns and provides edusupport to children in remote villages and encouraged us to do the same.

She stressed on the fact to give back something to the society which has shaped you.Through her startup, she aims to support the Government’s SKILL INDIA program.

Ms. Suriya Prabha is an inspiration to all homemakers around the world with her initiative to educate.



Mr U Sagayam IAS

The audience were treated to a surprise TED talk by none other than Sagayam IAS.

He talked about his various good deeds and achievements spanned over a long and honest career as a civil services officer.

Lanjam thavir nenjam nimir….
He asked the audience to take this quote to heart.

In his career, he had made many enemies. But he believes one must have enemies in life. Enemies are the people who push you to work hard.

Every department he has worked in so far, has profited the Indian Government within the first 13 months.

MIT was indeed privileged to play host to him.




Mr Prashanth


We all knew Mr Prashanth aka panda as a fun casual guy but he gave a really motivational and emotional speech of his rags to riches journey.

He was just an average kid with no big aim or dreams in life and he had just flunked his 12th exams and he had got fed up of studies and he left his house and came to Chennai.

It was then he understood the importance of food and family and never took anything for granted.He did many odd jobs for a few months and then did engineering.

After that he was unemployed and he made a review of a movie and uploaded in YouTube.Everyone mocked him and trolled him but still he never gave up and believed in himself.

And now we are writing a report on him.





In conclusion, hats off to TEDC MIT for conducting such an amazing event with  magnanimous precision and organization!

Reported by Shreayaas Iyer, 2nd year Information Technology and Pavan Siddharth, 2nd year Electronics and Communication Engineering.
Event captured by Roshan Nihaal, 2nd year Information Technology and Arunachalam, 3rd year Rubber and Plastic Technology 

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