Umpteen Reasons Why – Pulp Fiction

Ever since the creation of cinema, there have been countless debates about what makes a great film. A brilliant story, interesting characters, a star-studded cast of talented actors and a great crew are just some of the essential ingredients and they all come together in this classic.




Quentin Tarantino’s masterpiece Pulp Fiction which released in 1994 has all of the above but it also manages to add blood, bullets, briefcases and burgers into the mix and the results were nothing short of superb.


When the film was released, it gave a much needed shot of adrenaline into the heart of cinema as Tarantino’s combination of a non-linear plot and pop-culture dialogue, along with his unique mixture of dark humour with violence, instantly made him one of the world’s most famous directors.


Tarantino had already used a non-linear timeline in his swashbuckling debut Reservoir Dogs but he perfected the style here.The script is a masterpiece in the art of screenwriting because it effortlessly balances those hilarious discussions on pop-culture with an ominous aura of imminent violence.




The writer/director rightfully won the Oscar for best original screenplay in ’94 because despite the mesmerising plot and sparkling dialogue it still manages to give every character, no matter how big or small, their time to shine.


Despite having to juggle multiple story arcs and plots, Tarantino never allows his audience to switch off or feel bored even after 25 years. How could you miss this?


Penned by : Kavin V, 2nd year, IT dept

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