Placement Analysis

By Nikhil Kanakamedala

With more than 30 companies having thronged Anna University in the past 3 months, there have been quite a number of Facebook statuses, something like “aatha naanum place aaiten” from the local boy to “Got recruited. Feeling blessed” from the dudes and dudettes.

The MIT Quill brings to you the analysis of 90 days of placement. All the data and graphs below correspond to information obtained by the Quill team from the Placement representatives from each department up till October 1, 2014. Also the given analysis corresponds to UG only. The total number of final years in the campus is 712. The number of students placed is 155. That’s about 22%. Well, no more figures. Let’s dive into graphs (Technically, they are figures too).

More than 75% of the total number of students placed are from the CT, IT and ECE branches. For now, IT tops the charts.



dept. wise stats





More non CS/IT students got recruited by Polaris

company wise stats

More than 80% of companies which recruit less than 3 people offer a package of more than 10 lpa

student company count

placed vs strength

Unfortunately, Aeronautical Engineering department has not opened its placement count yet. But being a premier and the most innovative department of MIT, we wish them best and sense good days are not far off.

That’s it folks. I will get back to you next semester with larger numbers and brighter figures!

All these data and graph are copyrighted by The MIT Quill. Private publishing shall not be entertained.

*All data above may have an error not more than 5% of its base value.

By Nikhil Kanakamedala

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