The Spectre’s Station.

Cold was the night as the train moved with a pace through the mysterious fog and with me being unaware of its unknown origin. I was heading north and didn’t know much other than the fact that I was supposed to get off the train only at the last stop. The cabin was now empty unlike at first when there had been passengers of all sorts. It was really dark outside except for the pale moonlight that came in through the window. I was the only soul left now in the cabin and that made the whole scenario ironical as compared to what there was in the first place. Watching people have conversations with friends or reading books while the others were in their fantasy world, had all come to an end when they left the old locomotive one by one. But among all these distractions I managed to slip myself into sleep. A sudden jerk made me realize that the cabin I was occupying no longer had the lights. Gazing out through the window, all I could see was a platform covered in mist. It only had two light posts-one at each end, but there was no sign of anyone.

I walked on the platform in search of a soul who could let me know where I was. The fog was like a shield to my vision and as I moved further, the path behind me vanished more and more on its own. At a distance, I could faintly see a dark, hooded figure but to me, it seemed a bit odd that my mind had already decided not to go any further and to get back to where the train was. I slowly and consciously stepped back and as I did the wind became furious for no reason and the ‘Spectre’ was now facing me with its eyes gleaming red-having some sort of vengeance. My speed was, however, no match to that of the thing behind me but somehow I managed to get back on to the dreadful train that brought me to this wretched place.

Now I felt a bit secure since I got back in. As I was trying to catch my breath I heard a sound behind me. As I slowly turned to look behind, I could see it standing there, extending its long arms towards me with sharp claws. I was paralyzed and death smiled at its helpless victim. I closed my eyes once and for all. All of a sudden, my chin slipped off my palm-relieving me from the nightmare that I was having. I opened my eyes this time in the real world to find myself in the lonely cabin once again. I was unable to breathe at first or accept that all this was part of a freaky nightmare. One that felt so real, yet unreal. The train was coming to a halt at a station. The lights began to flicker as the winds started to blow. The nightmare no longer seemed to remain one…


Article penned by:  Abhishek Dileef, Mechanical Department, I year.

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