Umpteen Reasons Why – CHERNOBYL (Mini-series)

Umpteen Reasons why to watch HBO’s Chernobyl!

Chernobyl has had the most impact any mini-series ever had on me. The story of this worst ever man-made disaster may be very popular. However, this series gives us an in-depth analysis of how it occurred, why it occurred and how people have tried to solve the issues it had caused.



Being a mini-series about a disaster, the way the story is told, and the artwork made me ask for more. The actors with whom we travel this shortly told story, deliver solid performances. It made me talk on and on for days about their performances to any person who’d listen.


The tragic story is told in a beautiful way. It shows the impact of such an event on different parts of the society. It shows the flaws of a governing body, egos of people. It shows how a disaster brings out the bad and good in people. As the story reaches its final episodes, we reach a moral arc. Besides technical faults and issues with the management, it shows us how powerful a simple thing is. It shows us what the cost of lies are.


Best miniseries ever

Rating (series) : 4.5/5


Penned by: Dhananjeyan M S, Second year, Automobile Departmrent

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