The Amazon Wildfires

We love discussing trendy topics. Don’t we? Here it comes. The lungs of earth are on fire. The Amazon rain forest which is said to produce 20% of the world’s oxygen is on fire. The amazon rain forest is burning at a record rate. It is so huge that scientists claim that it could be seen from the space. Various magazines released the images of the wildfire. I liked those posts and I hope you would have liked it too. And humanity pays its regrets through WhatsApp statuses and Instagram stories. We should be very proud of being “this” concerned about the incident.



I am not blaming the society. So, what do you think we can do to put off the fire? It is not practically possible and of course, I do not want anyone of us to reach out to Brazil and put it off. But our prayers are going to cause nothing   either. The solution is lung replacement. We live in a society that lay statues commemorating the dead people.So, it is not going to be a herculean task to have a replacement for every single tree that has helped you breathe for decades and absorbing our carbon emissions


The greatest quality that evolution has given us is selfishness. If Fixed Deposits that benefit your future gives you immense happiness, why not the trees that you plant? Please note that, “Planting saplings do not fall under social service, but it is the epitome of selfishness.”  Just plant a tree and feel the BGM. It is a feeling that can’t be expressed.




Penned byAnnamalai, Third year, ECE department



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