Darkness: An Unseen Entity

Psychologically, darkness is referred to as the mind being practically empty with nothing to think of. But to me, it means of something particularly evil lurking out there waiting for its opportunity to feed on the weak, vulnerable and to grow in its power.


October 13th, Friday Time: Unknown

It was night as I made my way through the “forgotten” cemetery gate with its rusty lock beating against its weary shackled chain perhaps as a means to keep out people for some reason. Nobody visits this grave anymore not even the so-called beloved ones. It was real dark except for the flickering torch that I was holding willing to die anytime in my hands. To those who lay in their grave, darkness was merely nothing but the absence of life in their cold bodies. But I wouldn’t say the same for the living ones.



The path was muddy with no other footprints, probably due to last night’s rain. My sister ANNABELLE JOHN was buried within these scared grounds… I kept the white roses on her grave and there was silence. I slowly retraced my steps and, on my way back, I was breathing heavily because my short steps have now become brisker. I stopped half way as I knew that someone/something was following me. I didn’t want to turn back to see it. Instead I let go of my torch and ran as fast as my legs could take me. My vision showed me nothing but absolute darkness. I felt passing through different auroras of light accompanied by that faint howling of the chilling wind. I slipped, fell down and something was gaining over me. At a distance I could hear the opening of the creaky gate waiting for my undying departure. I finally crawled my way out and looked back to see the torch had died and there was nothing but darkness, a predator waiting to get its hands on another prey.


I never knew what was behind me or I should say I don’t wish to…


Article penned by:  Abhishek Dileef, Mechanical Department, I year.

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