A Catalogue on Wi-Fi Huts!

M-I-T : The three letters which reminds millions of people , of a gazillion things. One of the ‘gazillion’ being the humongous amount of trees under which you could spot loners ignoring others and being happy with themselves , couples patching up , breaking up or just hanging out (Not LHC third floor’s hanging out , shh) and a brigade of lads bunking classes or trying to hide from their faculties spotted afar.

But then , WHOOSH ! came Vardha Puyal which decided to sweep away more than half of our ancestors along with our happiness. That’s when it hit us. How we took the trees for granted.

Loners did not enjoy hanging out by themselves. There were more break-ups than patch-ups. LHC 3rd floors always had the fans and lights running since then , No one knew why. (Smh) The ones who bunked and hid were caught. The lives of MITians were flipped upside down.

That’s when the nerds stepped in. They showed us how we stupidly ceased to notice comfort right in front of our eyes. The place which would let us go back to our old ways , in fact , which was even more comfortable , dare I say. It even had free Wi-Fi. FREE WI-FI !

What more do we need ?

What is that place ?!

It’s none other than the neglected superiors – The Wi-Fi Huts !

The huts in front of GJ Park and opposite to RLHC now houses every student tired of and troubled by everyday college chores , free of cost with a generous supply of internet , that is absolutely FREE.

In a world where we believe Kylie Jenner is a self-made billionaire , these Wi-Fi Huts are sure to bring about a revolutionary change ! Or should I say :

🎶 A whole new wo-orlddd ! 🎶


This write-up written by Sailaja R from Second Year , RPT department won the First Prize in “Sell Me This Pen” competition conducted during Inksanity’19.


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