Enjoy the little things in life!

         It’s already late and I’m still getting ready for yet another grueling day.I rush my way to the station and get on the train only to remember that I had left my purse and phone at home. As irritated as I am, I meet my frenemy who gives me a sarcastic look and chats in for a few mins. To top it off, my train reached late by 15 mins and now I lost my train ticket & there stands the Ticket Examiner. Can my Morning get any Worse? I was blaming my ”fate” all day. But wait! Is this what life is? Complaining and whining about minor bumps and forgetting to be grateful for all the goodness in our lives.


         We’re so busy running to reach places without even knowing our role and purpose in there.The mundane routine and monotonous job makes the human brain more of a Machine,with a feeling. You don’t know what’s wrong with this routine but still you somehow feel that life is incomplete or it’s just worthless. You feel suffocated and the desperate need to just breathe out sets in. In this process Some get depressed.While some just trick themselves into Depression. You run and run until you don’t feel your legs anymore but for what? STOP!


         Life is beautiful .Don’t be harsh on yourself. Sometimes it’s okay to fail, its okay to choose the easier path when you’re not ready to face the hard one. It’s okay to go on a slow pace as long as you’re continually making progress .Life has so much amazing things to offer. It’s just that we don’t choose to see those.


         It’s a beautiful bright Morning with the birds chirping and bees buzzing around.The gem-blue river splashing and hopping over the rocks happily with a constant burble.The chords of soft light speared down from above. Yet hey, Do we even notice all this around us? Not a chance. When was the last time you tromped in the woods watching the fiercely beautiful wild flowers, gaping at the breath-taking view and feeling the aroma of the woods? Can anything even match the calm and serene sounds of Nature?!


         We’re so occupied that we sometimes forget the purpose of our life. It is to LIVE the life. YOU are important. Your routine revolves around you and it ain’t vice versa. First, give yourself a pat on the back for, you have been working hard the whole time. You deserve being happy for it just lies in the mindset.Love yourself,Allocate time for yourself. Take absolutely good care of you and your health, both physically and mentally. Every day you have lot of opportunities to get angry, stressed or offended but you can choose to not let these upset you.


         Do what you love. Be Happy. Stick around nature. Smile at strangers. Help the elderly. Feel the first snow. Sing your heart out. Smile as bright as you can, it looks good on you . Pose silly for pictures, Try cooking. Enjoy your family time. Educate yourself. Invest time in developing you.


         Appreciate the little things. Don’t hold grudge against people, just talk it out. Sneak around at 12 A.M and eat the leftover ice cream. Maybe get caught by your dad and give him a share of it so he wouldn’t rat you out to your mom!Laugh until your stomach hurts. Dance like a Maniac. Enjoy your perfect cup of Tea / Coffee.


    ”Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you’ll look back and realize that they were the big things.”


Written by R.V.Sai abirami ,Third Year, CT dept.

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