TEDc MIT Recruitment

TEDc MIT, a forum which serves students with innovative ideas will kick start their journey for the new academic year through a recruitment process which will be held on 11th of July, 2019. Here we have Naveena M sharing her recruitment experience and eagerly waiting for yet another one.


11/7/18: The day when many coy minds turned innovative.


After a full working day, which is the most uninvited happening for a MITian, I stepped into the hall where the TEDc MIT recruitment was taking place. Don’t mistake me as an attendee, I was an accompaniment to my friend who was one such. It’s obvious that the recruiters consider everyone inside as attendees. And that’s what happened. One among them asked me to fill in the recruitment form. With a reluctant notion and annoyed look towards my friend, my hand started scribbling whatever my mind insisted.


A few moments later, the room began to get flooded with more purple tags. The typical mentality of ‘following the crowd’ didn’t fail to clutch me. Yes, I stayed back for recruitment. Names of all the attendees were written onto chits and we were asked to talk on the first impression about the person named in the chosen chit. For the first time, I agreed to my friend’s statement – “It is good fun, isn’t it”. More than understanding a person thoroughly and giving a professional talk, it’s really fun to have been given a chance to speak anything that you feel like when you see him/her (in a delicate way, though).


Moments that followed were even more fascinating. There was an interview session to decide which among the mentioned skills, I was best at. Three of them sitting on my opposite side threw questions on three different genres. Though it was among the options that I had given, the way it was framed made me think a lot. One was on event planning, other was on web design. I related myself to the given scenarios and started answering. I wanted to sound innovative and practical as well (something that I had not tried before). My completion was followed by a voice saying, “Congratulations on your recruitment! This is exactly how your ideas are gonna range in the following years.” I was too much held in the thought as to how many more ideas of mine could turn up practical. I wrote my contact number in a sheet of paper and returned home. A few hours later I was added to the group with a welcome note.


The memories of the recruitment day and the events organized by the TEDc MIT remain fresh till the moment and hopefully would do forever.


11/7/19: Awaiting another good experience. This time, from the opposite side.



Written by Naveena M, Third Year, CT department.

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