Name the most humorous Tamil movies you have ever seen, I bet the dialogues for those movies would have been written by Mr. Mohan Rangachari, popularly known as Crazy Mohan.

Being an alumnus of Anna University, he started writing stories and scripts from his college days. He wrote his first play “Crazy Thieves in Paalavakkam” in 1976, and this hit gave him the nom de plume “Crazy” Mohan. Later he started to write scripts for his own troupe, the most famous one being “ Chocolate Krishna” with his brother playing the lead. He continued to write several plays and short stories and also many hit Television series.



His first flick on writing dialogues for movies was with K.Balachander’s Poikkaal Kudhirai. Later, he associated with actor Kamal Haasan several times and gave the best humorous movies the industry has ever seen. To name some, Michael Madana Kama Rajan,Avvai Shanmughi,Thenali,Panchathanthiram and so much more.

He’s known for his timing comedies and for introducing interesting jokes in every sentence he speaks. He reached heights because most of his jokes were simple to understand and at the same time had some message to deliver. Also he used his real life situations and modified them in a joyful way. He was also renowned for his body language and dialogue delivery. He liked to play with words and also cracked rhyming jokes. He proudly said, “my inspiration for jokes is my grandfather”.

Not only being an actor/writer, he was also a great artist. He has painted nearly 60 aesthetic paintings including Raja Ravi Verma’s portraits of gods.


His last work was the movie “ Devi 2”. And the Tamil movie industry will miss him forever.

Personally, I have been a fan of his films from my childhood. I have also been to his plays many times and every time I watch them, I laugh my brains out. I have met him a couple of times in person, and whatever he speaks, it will turn into a joke. That kind of person he is. My dad personally knows him and he has shared a lot of funny experiences about him to me. According to me he’s the king of one liner jokes. Thankyou for making me laugh so hard, sir.

RIP Crazy Mohan sir.

Written by : Vishwa, Rubber and Plastic Technology, Third Year.

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