Cricket world cup. A burning emotion which makes every nation’s players to strive harder and harder. Cricket came along
with the British into our country. But only after 1983, people started considering it as a religion. The 1983 victory made youngsters really get attached to it and since then we remain as one of the best teams in the world.

“… and Dhoni finishes off in style. India lifts the trophy after 28 years “ This is how the 2011 world cup concluded and every Indian’s dream came true that day. Now for the third time, under the captaincy of the run machine Virat Kohli, the squad is trying hard to achieve the feat once again. Having the world’s top ranked bowler as well as the batsman in our squad, it would appear as a piece of cake but that is not as easy as it appears.

1. The squad was announced nearly a month ago and most of the players are in good form. Considering the openers, Rohit sharma has scored nearly 25 centuries so far and also has a decent average. He studies the pitch initially and starts his aggressive batting afterwards. Dhawan, a defensive batsman having an average of 45 has returned to his good form which is highly required for a basic partnership.
2. Next one down the order is the most legendary and aggressive batsman Virat Kohli, the pillar of support. His form will play a vital role in later matches.
3. The Kapil Sharma guys, (Hardik pandya and K.L.Rahul) will help India get a good score if the top order batsmen sustain upto the 35th over. Hardik pandya’s perfomance during the IPL was beyond limits and it will help us really well in chasing high scores.
4. M.S.Dhoni (goosebumps) This name may not be there in the next world cup but his role in the squad is more worthwhile than anybody else in the team. Having the experience of winning all the big titles, its really a positive side for us.
5. We have one of the best ever bowling sides. Jasprit Bumrah, Mohammed Shami, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar and Chahal seem to bring terror to the opposition side. The spin duo and the fast trio could make any good team to score a low total.
6. Injuries in the game are unpredictable and still we have a ready squad available for that in the names of Rishab pant, Vijay shankar and Dinesh karthik.
7. The all rounders Hardik pandya, Kedhar Jadhav and Ravindra jadeja may help the team in critical situation. As a final note, the captain will surely be in a fit state in selecting his playing XI since every team is highly balanced. Being a round robin round, winning every game and maintaining a good run rate is highly important.

As of now the match against South Africa was an ideal start. An easy win at the beginning of such a long tournament would surely stir the confidence of the guys. What is to be rejoiced is the complete team performance and a beautiful knock by the Hitman who maintained a high economy rate and the bowlers’ average not getting above 5.
Still its a long way to go and all we can do is just believe and pray that we will
win this time.


Written by: D. Murugesan, First Year, Mechanical Department.

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