The Film Concluded
Credits read—
“A SELVARAGAVAN Film” in white which suddenly turned Red.
People chanted ,” This is a Selva Film”.

Nanda Gopala Kumaran is an M.Tech Graduate turned organic farmer raising his own crops in Sriviliputhur ( for namesake ,as the area is neither exploited nor shown in any other scene). This person, a non-typical Selva protagonist is a simple carefree Farmer.

But when problems handcuff him he surely reaches the state of becoming a Politician and then the story proceeds. The Story is a small draft from Pudupettai, the director’s yesteryear Gangster Saga, put out in a small layout. Dazzling Surya is a contented family man with Sai Pallavi as his lovable wife. Similar to Pudupettai, a small powerless person coming to power is the crux , but the way of showcasing it in the screens is something that isn’t a Selvaragavan way of filming. The Director had made a point to take this script onto a commercial level but there are a lot of potholes which disappoint the viewers.

However, he manages to squish out an outstanding performance from Surya, where he totally bore the weight of the script. In one scene, Selva brings out 500 men who left their IT jobs just like Surya did, to follow him as his disciples. But there is no significance for those men in the movie after that. Rakul Preet comes as a political strategist , gives justice to the role and infact foretells the making of viral hashtags and Social media confusions.( Like #pray_for_neasamani) . But there was no need to play a duet with hero, in a Non-fitting arena.

Here are ample Places where this film stands as a “Political” film, from stage banners to salwars which the Party heads own. A real life incident involving a minister from the ruling party of is showcased .A fiery stage speech scene pinpointing the public, similar to Vijay-ARM’s films, is present. The screenplay is a dull and dusty one which elevates us at times, but not all the time. Director of Photography , Sivakumar Vijayan strives hard to bring out the director’s color fantasy, which denotes the basic psychology of the hero, like turning of Green keylight to Red and other warm colors is a portrayal of the character’s change of mindset.

Yuvan’s music and BGM are the key players of this film. They reinforce the spirit of the film along with visuals. “Thimiranumda” and “Podhaindhalum” were noteworthy , and “Anbe Peranbe “song was an outcast. Ilavarasu and Balasingh’s Characters could have been swapped.There are subtle References to Cuban Leader Che Guvera , who had similar Warfare treatments, a Physician turned Revolutionary and two spouses. Overall, a messed up script.

But the transition of white to red color of the credits and title and green lighting to red lighting during the course is the core idea of the film. If the viewer has understood this simple establishment , there is no need of celebrating the film after ten years, but today itself.

To some “Selva proved again”.
To many “Selva doesn’t need to prove in this genre”.

RATING : 2.5/5

Review written by: Nandha Balamurugan, Third Year, Mechanical Department.

Reviewed by: Nandha Balamurugan and Ragul Ragavendar, Third Year, Mechanical Department and Nanda Gohul, Third Year, Automobile Department.

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