Open letter to Quill



To The MIT Quill,

I still remember the time I wrote my first article. I lamented about how lazy I was and also how excited I was to join hands with you. You welcomed me with arms wide opened. Now, I’m leaving. I didn’t grab the perfect time to bid adieu. Well, it’s in my blood. I never got to attend the first meeting. And the last was not even a question. So I hope this last open letter of mine to you will be the closest to the best way of having a closure.

Honestly, you have been the only one who saved me a point to think that I wasn’t totally useless. This campus heard me whenever I screamed feminism, cried my heart and talked my dreams, thanks to you. If it weren’t for you, I would not have been the Devdas of a club. If it weren’t for you, my meeker voice wouldn’t have been a bolder one that it is now.  If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have received love from even nameless people. If it weren’t for you, there wouldn’t be a folder named “Quill” with all my articles you had carried across the college. And what am I going to add to it anymore?

The hours of conversation, the LGBT moments, meetings I never attended, the dreams that we dreamt and the criticism we fought are going to remain close to my heart and beat with it. Remember, my love for you can never be decimated.

Why do goodbyes come with a package of pain? Why does time run so fast? Questions are multiple. But the answer is life. And now it’s my time to say goodbye. Whenever I come across you in Facebook feed, I am going to reminisce the months I had spent writing poems and building stories. I know you will keep carrying the great words of the writers and the colours of artists and photographers to every tree, stone and building of MIT. I’ll miss you.

Always yours,

‘Sleepy’ Swathi.

Photography creditsDhanasekaran S P, Instrumentation Department, First year.

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