DexBot is the annual National level Robotics symposium hosted by the MIT Robotics association (MITRA). The 2019 edition of DexBot was held on the 8th and 9th of March. The event was aimed at providing an avenue for robotics enthusiasts to showcase their dexterity and innovations in the field. The Symposium saw the participation of several budding engineers from various institutions across the country.


Robo Soccer, Robo Wars and RC Kart Racing were a few among the several contests that were a part of DexBot.The contests saw numerous sophisticated robots battling it out for the prize. The events such as Robo-wars and Robo-soccer were truly intense and kept the onlookers on the edge of their seats. The Robo-wars event seemed to be taken out straight from an episode of BattleBots! DexBot ’19 also featured an event for participants to showcase their all-terrain bots. These bots were put to a gruelling test before picking the winner. All the robots featured in DexBot, such as line tracers were all built from scratch by the students themselves. Win or lose, it was definitely exciting for all those involved to see such innovative and futuristic robots.


The Workshops conducted on Day 1 as a part of DexBot were fully handled by the student members of MITRA. The workshops were based on important aspects in the field of robotics and automation, such as Internet of Things, Ethical Hacking and Arduino for Robotics. The workshops served as a great experience to all its participants, irrespective of their prior knowledge and experience in the field. The “Image processing” workshop helped the participants understand the science of computer vision and analyze to improve automatic visual understanding in the bots they build. Participants of the competed among themselves on Day2 with the robots they built during the workshops. Certificates and cash prizes were given away to the winners.


DexBot ’19 was hosted with a motto of “Innovate to Accelerate” and it truly did act as a platform for innovative minds to showcase their skills and help accelerate the advancement in technology. It provided participants with two days of great fun and saw them leave with immense satisfaction. It proved to everyone that the fully automated future that we’ve all been dreaming of, has already begun.



Reported by: Pranav Balakrishnan, First Year,Electronics and Communication Engineering.

Photographed by: Sree Vignesh , Second year, Automobile Engineering.

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