Technology plays a major role in all aspects of life. It has given us platform to express, chances to experiment and ways to enhance. Evolution is not only biological but also can be technical, since technology gives wings to fly. FLIGHT ,the national level technical symposium conducted by Association of Aeronautical Engineers, brings the recent advances in aeronautics under the limelight. With its tagline ‘Come fly with us’, it introduces the latest advances in this field to the students. Flight ’19 was also not an exception.

The Flight took off on March 1. The chief guest of the inaugural ceremony was Mr. S.Saravanan I.A.S. ,sub-collector of Kancheepuram district, also an alumnus of the department. Being an I.A.S as well as a senior, he interacted very well with the students.

Day 1 of the symposium was entirely technical. Paper presentation, CAD modelling, flight simulator, aircraft design project were conducted. Many techies took part in technical quiz and technical connexions. Air crash investigation was one of the attention grabbers and found a large number of participants from other colleges.

The title event was “Game of drones”. It was a drone racing championship with many hurdles left for thedrones which on completion led to a cash award and internship offers from many companies which included ‘Garuda Aerospace’.

Pilot and co-pilot was another mega technical event which was interesting. Many young minds were found participating. To the surprise of all, a school student finished as the runner-up. Events like paper glider, boomerang, bottle rocketry, paradive were very much exciting. RC plane was another enthralling event and about 12 teams got in the act.

Many workshops on jets, composites( glass fibre), composites(Kevlar), F1D glider, quadcopter, MATLAB, SolidWorks were conducted. Of these, the ‘Jets’ workshop was more fascinating with over a hundred students attending the workshop.

Day 2 of FLIGHT witnessed the non-technical events like connexions, treasure hunt, quiz, logo quiz, PUBG(gaming).Math-o-mania was another non-technical event held for math lovers.On the same day, the Alumni Meet was held where the alumni shared their memories with their juniors. The Rajam hall was enough to hold all of us but not our memories. Finally the Flight had a very successful landing and is raging for its next take-off.


Reported by: Rithu Sreetha Ravichandran and Ramkumar, First Year, Aerospace Engineering.

Photographed by: Bharathwaj Murali and Raj Sabareesh Ramalingam, Second Year, Aerospace Engineering.

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