The final day began with real celebration of music. The inter-solo singing where we were given the opportunity to listen to various singers and musicians from a wide variety of colleges was indeed a feast for our ears. All of the performers were quite competent. It was followed by the prelims of the grand event “Mr and Ms.Mitafest” which saw the participation of not only the MItians but also students from the other colleges. Students showcased their talents and competed against one another for getting selected for the finals. The TBO events which took place the previous day didn’t fail to attract and entertain the students the next day as well.



       During the afternoon the students participated in the “Inter duo” and “Footloose” which enabled the students to show off their dancing skills. The next round of selections for the “Mr and Ms.Mitafest” were simultaneously being conducted and it was an enjoyable act not only for the ones participating but also for the audience. 


     Shortly after the dinner feast the most expected and awaited moment of Mitafest had come. Yes, it was the arrival of our “Hayati star”, Mr.Arun Vijay . The crowd was on its feet cheering and yelling. He made the night even more memorable with his action sequences. Later that evening the grand finale of “Mr and Ms.Mitafest” took place. Students from various colleges showed off their skills to earn the title. Finally the “Mr and Ms.Mitafest” titles were awarded to students from CEG and SRM respectively.



Then commenced the final event of the entire fest, inter college “Choreo night”. Various talented souls across the city eagerly participated in the musical event. The performers rocked  the entire stage with melody, jazz and folk numbers. Once again the dance team of SRM college clinged on to the first prize and the SSN crew emerged as the runner-ups. The entire event was a grand success just like the previous years which proved that the toil of seniors and officials for the past 4 months didn’t go in vain.



           According to Hans Christian, “Where words fail, music speaks” was proved true by this magnificent fest. As an afterthought we must know that music defines a person; a society; a culture; a nation; and that was why Mitafest was a grand success as it believed in the “Celebration of music”.


Reported by,

Duke Daffin, ECE First year, Akshaya Rathna, IT  First year.

Photographed by,

Arunachalam, RPT Second year, Dhanasekaran, E&I First year, Nithya, RPT first year, Rajsbareesh Aero second year, Dhanvanth Auto final year, Vijey PT final year.

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