The theme of the third day was to bring back the traditional feel among the students. The boys and girls made their presence with traditional costumes. It was an eye-catching scene to see all of them in sarees and dhotis. It made the campus look more colorful than ever. The day began with a procession of silambam and thappatam (parai) crew along the MIT Road. Moreover the students around started dancing which made the procession much more enthusiastic!



And now its the time for “Tamil Kalaachara Tiruvizha 2019” by Tamil Mandram. The crew conducted various activities and competitions like story and poem writing, group discussions, title event and  the annual magazine release. Most importantly every event was conducted in accordance with the motto of bringing back the forsaken knowledge of our mother tongue, Tamil. The platform brought out the various hidden talents of the students by conducting a title event and so many other competitions. Many students actively participated and exhibited their talents.



Simultaneously, The Box Office of MIT also conducted a lot of enjoyable games and events to make the fun-filled day even more interesting. The events included Mix & Fix, React to the Remote and newspaper dance which made students open up. The other events include Sherlock squares. It posed different challenges for the player before they reached the last round where the winner was awarded with cash prizes. Intercollegiate “Pot Puri” began just after the lunch & made the noon more humorous and sarcastic.



It was an evening of colors, music and dance. Mega dance by MITians was a 20 minute magic followed by a spectacular array of traditional dance, parai, song, baratham and silambam performances by Tamil Mandram crew. Variety performances by The MIT Variety team and Crescent college team were enjoyed and appreciated by the enthusiastic audience. The day finally ended with everyone leaving OAT with happy hearts.



Reported by,

Duke Daffin, ECE First year, Akshaya Rathna, IT  First year.

Photographed by,

Rajasekaran, Auto second year, Gokul A G K, PT Second year, Arunachalam, RPT Second year,  Dhanasekaran, E&I First year.

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