By Roshana Naresh
PhotoGrid_1406917679044Sunaina  had to leave her office late that night. Of all the things to worry about, she is vexed every time to contend with her boss about the unsafe timing. And her heart feels a thud everytime she comes across the news of violence against women. Are you able to connect yourself with the scenario? Every girl can! It is the fear of being victimized, the fear which every girl craves to escape. The fact remains that one woman is raped every 22 minutes in India. It seems as though women have no other choice than to stay awake even while asleep.

How many more of our girls are to be immolated? It is now the most infamously debated issue across every platform. The saddest part is these debates most of the time end up in profound sarcasm. Whenever a rape case is reported we find one minister or the other solicitously waiting to censure either the victim’s attire or the time of her travel (or even both!). Why is there a need for such a pointless criticism? It is proven that not even one percent of the cases occur because of the victim’s dressing. And to those who contradict this,i would like to hear your opinion on a 6 year child and a 60 year old woman being raped! (you expect us to hide under sackbags?)

The next lunatic question posed,why was the girl out at that hour-what was she upto-was she accompanied by a male? If so,who? If not why was she alone? Uffff…trust me if the male was a friend she is dead ! I wonder what would come up if it happens to be her dad! Why not look at it this way! A girl is not safe on Indian roads even when she is accompanied by a male, Shame. The most effective law proposed as said by many, ban pubs for girls! We can never deny that almost two-thirds of the incidents witness men under the influence of alcohol, considerably higher than those because of women visiting pubs! Obviously, a better rule will be to ban alcohol for men.

No one can ever forget Nirbhaya’s case. One reason is because of the degree of brutality evinced and the other, it is the most widespread protest against rape India has ever seen. How many of us can identify the faces of her assaulters? I definitely can’t. They were hanged ,i agree. But was that enough to terrorize similar convicts? It’s a big No . Her death wish was to burn them alive. At the least, the sentencing could have been telecasted. Step towards a change for the better. Mercy is never the right word for them!

Enough is enough. It is time we stop blaming mobile phones and a young girl’s school uniform. The situation demands more.


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