Serving Mankind

We live in this modern era, where technology plays a vital role and man power services are subjected to bargain. During our childhood, the basic necessities only meant food, shelter and health services. I wonder how fast is the time that a decade transforms and rewrites the basic essence of survival. Could we now imagine a life without these sophisticated pieces of equipment? Though the technology was developed with the motive of reducing the load and processing time of human works, we are running out of time. Have you ever thought, where we lag and what we do in the time we saved. Most of your answers would end up with a negative tone.


In the bizarre atmosphere we live in, we don’t get valuable time to spare for the cherished circle. The joy that you get when you meet your cousins in a function today was once a routine of our tradition. Joint families were broken in to nuclear ones and the bonds were broken too.


The reason I sorted out these things is that we the youth of the era are in an urge to involve in social activities. The organizing and public speaking skills are innate and we the ones who don’t realize it, end up enrolling ourselves to buy a fake version of them from a highly reputed institute. The Rotaract club of MIT has understood the need of the hour and they indulge in social activities. We have two special happenings equally spaced in a year, where we bring our brothers and sisters whom we call god’s gifted from different regions of Chennai. As the easiest way to be happy is to make others happy, we seek happiness by making their sorrows fly away.Yet again, selfishly keeping our satisfaction and happiness in mind we end up doing a good deed.




“SCIENCE WITHOUT HUMANITY IS SIN”. While the whole world is busy developing science, we develop humanity. If you still believe money makes you happy, then I am sure that someone else in the world will always be happier than you. A sincere THANKS to Rotaract Club Of MIT, for making this happen.


Written by  Annamalai, Second year, ECE.

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