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We, The MIT Quill are happy to present our new column – “In Conversation” , where we interview people within the college who we believe posses experiences and thoughts to be shared, right from the security guards to our seniors so as to create an healthy bonding in the campus which would be of interests to our readers.


In this session we have MR. Ashwin who is a Cypress placed student pursuing his final year in deparment of Instrumentation.


How was your journey in college and are you happy about how it turned up?
I’m really happy about how it turned up. Our college has a very peaceful atmosphere and we have freedom to learn things without any restrictions to domains, which makes our college best in thisperspective. I was so lucky to have a wonderful peer group, without any differences between us and we had lots of fun. (Smiles)


How’d you choose your domain or area of interest and who’s your inspiration?
Good question first of all ! My interests and passion has been embedded Systems, robotics and electronics, which is why I chose EIE and also I was eager to grab the basics of other departments too. Talking about my inspiration, it is none other than my father, he’s an R&D engineer. He worked in electronics and embedded systems. So I used to go with him whenever I was free to learn the basics of electronics and I obviously grew fond of electronics.


Placement or Higher Studies? Is there any contrast in your decision when you joined college?
Actually from the initial years I was sure that I’ll be attending the placements and I had no idea of higher studies. If I get the chance I’ll definetly strive my path towards entrepreneurship.


What advice you would give to the students who have difficulties in choosing between placements and higher studies?
Individuals have different interests, passion as well as their very own perspectives. If you are truly passionate about a particular field or domain then go for higher studies.To state an example, if you are interested in control systems then you have to definitely go for higher studies because no companies recruit you for a particular domain at the UG level and if you want to work in the research field you would definitely require a Masters Degree. So it varies from person to person.


How did you prepare for placements?
So the placements consists of three rounds basically namely online test, technical, HR. To be frank I never prepared for the online test as it mainly concentrates on the fundamentals of coding which was a cake walk to me as I had practical knowledge and regular practice.Error and Debugging had further improved my knowledge.  So, theoretical knowledge will help you only in the aptitude round but practical knowledge will make you shine out brightly in the interview.


How important are projects ? What advice would you give to juniors who haven’t given it a try ?
As I said before I used to do summer projects from my school days like basic codes, glowing of LED, working with IC 555 timer likewise.Talking about impact of projects on placements, If you dont complete a project then there are very less chances of being recruited by good firms. For example, 50 percent of the questions shooted during the interview were from my projects. Frankly speaking I was recruited based on the projects I did. To all others reading this, you can take guidance from seniors, learn online and start doing projects and acquire knowledge.


Any competitive exams preparation?
No(laughs),I never applied for any of the competitive exams.


What would you advice your juniors?
I’ve seen juniors taking things for granted. They’re not serious from their initial years but they worry about things when it comes to higher semester so I would advice them to start a bit beforehand like learning C language and aptitude when you have free time.

All the very best!


Interviewed by Aashique Roshan and Abhinav Vasista, Second Year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. 


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