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Right from when the alarm rings at the morning to the midday, people are running busy with their work whether they like or not. Engaged in an interminable race for living, we neither find the reason nor the time to laugh. Here we have a person standing out from that crowd as a stand up comedian.The TEDCMIT feels glad to feature Jagan Krishnan, a music based comedian in its talk show INNOVATE 2k19. Jagan is a stand up comedian who has worked with YouTube channels like ‘Ensomneacks here’ and ‘Evam Standup Tamasha’ . He is also a writer at ‘Putchutney’ and is popular for his music based observational humor. He is currently the 43rd comedian to look out for,in Mars according to a recent poll conducted by NASA.


Jagan is a engineering graduate from Rajalakshmi engineering college. He worked in Verizon Data Services and Tata consultancy services. Currently, he is employed by Cognizant technology solutions.Though he is a part of information technology services, he isn’t very happy about it.His passion oriented him in a different way. Nevertheless,his job paid him the opportunity to reveal his comical talent. It was in the cognizant comedy club finale where he performed in front of a huge set of audience for the very first time. And now, he is a seasoned comic from the Chennaites Comedy circuit.He has mastered the art of attention grabbing and creating long-lasting impressions on the audience to a higher extent. He is a crowd puller with clear cut ideas as a solo performer on stage.


“Failure is an opportunity to begin again in a new way.”

He addresses himself to be a failed musician, failed entrepreneur, failed sportsperson, a failed techie as well. But yeah, a successful stand up comedian. Everyone wonders how a person who has met with so many failures manage to be the talk of the town. And no more confusions out there, because he’s ready to show you all how to break the barriers and get straight to success on the intercollegiate talk show.

Come to the event on 6th of February to witness his live interactions.

Written by:  M.Naveena, Second year , Department of Computer Technology

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