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Living in a modern society, technology has changed the world in an optimistic way, making lives easier, safer, and better. The main intent of Intecho’19 is to provide a clear picture of the futuristic technology that joins in hand with the developing present technology. With the pepped up development of automation in industries and domestic life, Intecho’19 with its theme , “The Age of Smart” , provokes the development of smart instruments. The annual national level technical symposium, Intecho was held on 25th and 26th of January 2019.

Day- 1 took off with the inaugural ceremony in the morning where the gathering was addressed by Dr.N.Pappa, Head of Instrumentation Department “Instrue 9.0”, an annual technical magazine, was released during the ceremony.

Events like quiz, project display were held for school students on the topic ‘Power consumption and robotics’. Students from about 4 schools participated and displayed their innovative projects. Students from various colleges participated in events such as idea presentation paper presentation and in workshops on MATLAB, embedded systems, industrial automation, machine, lab view and internet of things. Many technical events like Burn the code, Mu-pro, Tech-Elite, Mr. / Ms. Instru (THE MEGA EVENT) provided a platform for the budding techies. The onlookers were dazed on seeing the robots fighting to overcome the obstacles in robo wars, robo soccer, robo racer, all terrain and several other events.

Knowledge never stands single, it’s always coupled with fun. Abiding to this fact, non- technical events such as connections, quiz and informals like gaming, IPL auction, campus photography and treasure hunt were fun filled.

Workshop from the previous day continued the following day. The alumni scholarships were given to the deserving students. The most anticipated alumni meet was held in the evening at OAT, where each t-series sat in groups and the alumni shared their nostalgic memories with their series. Finally this technical festival came to an end leaving behind valuable memories and thoughts.

Written by Dhanu Shri and Pooja , First Year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering. 

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