The people’s President

Drowned memories came to my mind…..

Astute child became the emblem of kindness,
Palpable speech of yours, makes the youth step up;
Journey of your life taught us to never give up,
Adorable boss, you brew us to feel gratified!
Better to know the stage, at which you’ll be satisfied.
Doughty single with a virtuous virility,
Up, to waiving things, shows your serenity,
Life of yours was a fast flowing stream,
Kosher thinking fulfilled your dad’s dream,
Antithesis about nationalism was ignored during your reign;
Love towards your work, upgraded our country to shine-though
Angle of thoughts stepped up against your every comment;
Master of accent, we now mourn for you, at every moment.

Written by : Rugesh, first year, ECE.

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