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We, The MIT Quill are happy to present our new column – “In Conversation” , where we interview people within the college who we believe posses experiences and thoughts to be shared, right from the security guards to our seniors so as to create an healthy bonding in the campus which would be of interests to our readers.

In the first session, we have Timothy Jones of Final year, CT department being interviewed.                                                                                                                               

What all are your interests in computer field?
My interests are mostly in the areas of programming, coding and machine learning.


So how was your journey towards the placement?
I had interest in taking part in many national level contests and symposiums conducted in our college. So, through that I was able to gain practical knowledge which helped me a lot in placement. I also did my internship in Amazon company which paved me a way for placement.


How did you feel when you came to know that you were placed in Uber company?
I felt really surprised and so happy when I came to know that I was selected by Uber company. This was one of the best moments in my life.


Were you a part of any clubs conducted in our college?
Yes, I was a part of coder’s club of MIT and was a part of CSMIT club and have conducted many competitions for juniors.


What do you feel about our college and how did you get guidance from our college?
Our college is a great platform to showcase our talents and there are many staffs who will help us and guide us when we approach them.


Being in the final year how do you feel was your journey in this college?
College life as known is the best part of life ! Fun apart, this is also the time which would help us achieve our dreams. And yes being in final year I will definitely miss my college.


Do you want to leave any message for your juniors?
Work hard till you achieve your dreams and take part in many contests and symposiums to gain knowledge about your subjects. Be practical and confident while attending any interviews.



Interviewed by Grace Hephzibah, Second year, PT and Bharathwaj Murali, Second year, Aeronautical Engineering


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