But in dreams

She never cared his existence

She acted hard every day, avoiding him,

With a lot of hatred to fire back,

But a little love to confess.


As it was time to move apart.

Love though unapparent in daily sight

Erupted as a glow of light

Diminishing second by second, defining the pain of love.



The two souls replenished with care,

Blazed and swiveled into their actions.

Letting it out as tears of affection,

She cried out her enchanting emotions.


The nagging irritation, she was tired of,

The dormant care, she enjoyed,

All the sudden silence she never thought of,

Unleashed their souls as birds out of cage.


He stood with eyes dilated, mouth unspoken and limbs a little shaky.

She tried in vain hiding something, betrayed by her own eyes

The salient feel of love exchanged cell by cell.

They stopped, staring at each other

Apparently being a deaf and dumb

His senses walked away to her a lot.



She shied to have all his love in a single throw

Moved from there with a trembling heart


For the robust feelings he had for her,

She desired a clarity in his thought

But as consequences lead him in vain

Memories just give him pain.


All these when his body is at rest yet mind at its fullest conscious,

She took him to the heavens by words in dreams.


When he realized that it was a dream.

She threw him away in reality.



Written by: Bharathwaj Murali, Second year, Department of Aeronautical Engineering.

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