An acute case of boredom

“So, Mr.Sumit, you went at 9:30 p.m to deliver pizza to Prakash?” asked Detective Ramesh scribbling down something in his notebook. “Er… My name is Amit”, said the middle aged person who was seated in front of him, being a witness to the crime scene. “Oh! okay. So, Mr. Amit, tell me what exactly had happened?” asked Ramesh sternly.

“I just knocked the door three times but got no response. The door was open from inside so, I peeped in. To my horror, his body was hanging from the ceiling fan through the rope. Then, I quickly ran outside to inform the neighbours. That’s all”, replied Amit.

“Hmm…. which pizza had he ordered?” “It was a double cheese margherita. But what has that to do with all this?”, asked Amit, scratching his head.“A double cheese margherita?  the one with tangy extra cheese! He ordered this only a few hours before his death. That’s certainly very fishy. Okay, Mr.Amit. You can leave.” , said Ramesh closing his notebook, leaving Amit baffled.

After an hour, Suresh entered the room, saying, “Hey, I’ve gathered some important facts about Prakash.” “Go on and tell me then” , said Ramesh. “I talked to his colleague, Vikas Gupta. He revealed that Prakash was a weirdo. He used to frequently complain about boredom, and would involve in moronic antics like trying to go up on an escalator that’s coming down, using the window to come out of a room instead of the door and so on. He had gotten bored working in the same company, so he had changed his job three times in six months. He would also shift his home once in every month. Yet, he would constantly grumble regarding being bored from his life”, said Suresh as Ramesh stared at him poker-faced.

“And what did his close friend, Varun Mehta have to say?” Ramesh asked. “Well, he revealed an important point to note. The day before his death, that is on 31st March, Prakash had mentioned that he was to do something nobody could expect and it would surprise everybody. According to Varun, Prakash had been a prankster who would frequently talk this way. So, he couldn’t believe that prakash took such a drastic step”. “He sure was a weirdo but definitely not dumb. Who would commit suicide out of boredom? I’m not buying it” , said Ramesh with contempt.

“I know. Even I don’t think that it is so, specially, after seeing his last Instagram post. He posted his pic with the caption, “Today, I would literally be bored to death!” If you notice, his expressions, he looks rather amused. Doesn’t seem like he wanted to commit suicide”, said Suresh showing a screenshot of the post on his phone to Ramesh.“Yeah! There’s certainly something fishy. Let me take a closer look at this picture of the crime scene.”

“Ah! I am done staring at it but can’t avail a single clue. All I see is the swivel chair which he probably used to get his head into the rope loop. There are stuffs littered on the floor, his phone, a selfie stick, books, a fallen bottle with water poured around from it and nothing else.” Said Suresh sounding exhausted.

“Eureka!” Exclaimed Ramesh. “Now I know what could’ve happened.” “You do? What have you come to know?” asked Suresh in amusement. “Not now. Come to my house at 7.00 p.m. I’ll call inspector Atul Mishra too and would explain what exactly had happened. It was certainly not a suicide.”

At his home, Ramesh walked impatiently from one side of the room to the other as he checked the time. It was 9:45p.m and the door bell rang. He hurriedly opened the door and ushered Inspector Mishra and Suresh into the house. They were surprised to see that Ramesh had tied up a rope into the hub of the ceiling fan and had placed a swivel chair under it. “Err… Ramesh? So, what exactly are you up to?” , asked Suresh, confused. “Let me explain. So, Inspector Mishra, I’ve decoded the chain of events that lead to the death of Prakash. Let’s consider the situation hypothetically. Suresh, could you stand up on this chair?” asked Ramesh. “Why me? See, my family certainly won’t be pleased to know the news that a crazy detective murdered his comrade for the sake of solving a case!”, suresh blurted. “Just do as I say!” Ramesh insisted.

As Suresh got up on the chair, Ramesh asked him to put the rope loop into his neck and then handed him over a selfie stick. “Mr. Ramesh, could you now please explain what you’ve found?” asked Inspector Mishra impatiently. “Yeah! I am not comfortable like this!” said Suresh, annoyed. “Okay. It so happened, that Prakash was in this very posture with the selfie stick in his hand, trying to take a pic. On the floor, was water poured around. So, while he tried to take a perfect pic, let’s imagine that he started to loose his balance a bit, being on the swivel chair. With the water around, the chair skidded further something like this”. Ramesh gave a
slight push to the chair.

“Stop! Mr. Mishra, I’m sure you won’t wanna get suspended for watching a murder being done in front of you !” Suresh exclaimed. “Careful, Mr. Ramesh. I get your point. But why would Prakash want to take a selfie like that?”, Inspector Mishra asked.

“Well, given the fact that he was an absolutely eccentric person who used to do stupid stuffs to thrill himself, it’s quite evident what he was upto. He had told his friend the previous day,that he was going to surprise everybody, most probably with a prank. And to confirm that, I would like to remind that the day he died was..”

“1 st April! You’re right, Mr. Suresh” exclaimed Mr.Mishra. “ He wanted to prank his friends with the pic he was trying to take but unfortunately, destiny played a cruel prank on him.” “Yup. So, that gives a closure to this case” , said Ramesh sounding gratified.

Written by : Deepti Kumari, third year, ECE.

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