A Revolution in E-commerce

Gone are the times when we used to go for a walk in the name of shopping. Spending time with our family is outdated. The trend called, “window shopping” is about to encounter its extinction.

 Voices of socialists still have not legalized these changes, however we humans have partially or even entirely let these changes happen. We support what supports us in managing time.The change that I mentioned above, is E-commerce. Socialists say that, e-commerce entities make use of people’s act of laziness towards reaching something for their sophistication. But the perspective of most of the consumers is that, e-commerce sites ease their routine. Digital marketing forbids consumers from wasting their time in buying simple things.


The modern civilization and the urban culture are impossible to be imagined, without trade. All these started with the BARTER SYSTEM. When we have something in surplus, we exchange it to acquire the needed or the deficit ones. Commerce is the root cause for the commencement of technological advancements.                       

Even transactions have become digitalised. We are not in a situation to carry a lump amount of money. Everything is designed to fit into our wallet. The world’s leading companies are heading towards the trend of cryptocurrency. Highly confidential transactions are about to be done with cryptocurrencies. But still, the online shopping stores are not advanced enough to utilize the cryptopayments.

A start up with a clear cut profile and a highly set background named KitBay , has become the pioneering e-commerce site that facilitates you with the crypt payments. KitBay stated itself to be functioning as a normal e-commerce site which will accept payments through cryptocurrencies. Innovation is their moto and, it is what makes them reach the zenith. Proving the above statement, KitBay has also promised to bring back the barter system that existed many millenniums ago. Yes of course, you can expend those that are surplus to quench your need. The chief operational officer of KitBay reveals that, the customers can soon expect the site’s own ‘android package kit’ (apk) for android and ‘ios app store packages’ (ipa) for ios.

“Customer service should not be a part of the company, it should be the entire company.”

Written by : Annamalai, Second year, ECE.

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