Respect Women

To be born as a woman is a penance!
World with no kindness,
And with all cruelty throughout her life!
Even known hands turns into harassing.
Is this because she’s a woman?
Because she cannot rise against you?
Or because she has made a mistake by letting you close to her?
I would use her to gratify me, thinks terrible mind.
You cannot do that because she’s drunk! or because she’s weak!.
She’s bullied allover; on the Streets, at Bus, at high school, at college, at workplace.
Does it happen because she thinks she’s done that way?
Or all that happened because she is a SHE?
Running in search of an indefinite lasting soul with all her heart,
Everything was ruined when the same turned into an acquaintance.
To live in real? Or to live in shadow? wonders SHE.
To live in this inequitable world she searched for a benevolent hand.
It’s in turn she lost everything.
Have you ever felt of what she’s going through the society?? It doesn’t matter what a woman’s relationship is to you. She deserves respect for being her.

Written by: Paartha Saarathi, Fourth year, Department of Automobile Engineering.

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