Reason for Existence

Have nothing more to say
Society made us, the prey
I go to the bay,
Long and sound,
To pray, for my so called life.
It is always a strife
What’s the Reason of existence?
In this millions of stars in the universe
Why am I here?
Confused may I sound
But my reasons to question are profound
Life revolves around money,
As the planets around the sun.
Water exists only in Earth,
Wrath of the aliens, I doubt
Losing it, day by day
So, where there is love here?
Searched, searched everywhere
Could not find an answer
Then arrived upon a solution
If not for love, life would not exist !
Might is life,
For those who love others as themselves.
Fulfilled is life,
For those spending time with loved ones.
Glorious is life ,
For those who love their parents till the end.

Written by Arun Balaji, Third year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

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