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Thanks for making it to the second part of this series and if you haven’t read the first part, I suggest you to read it. Here is the link:

Humanity Version 2.0


We saw about what we can do with the technology of Brain Machine Interface (BMI) through examples like Brain Port and Bionic arm. If we could refine this technology even further, Elon Musk’s Neuralink will be able to make Wizard Hat ( their ultimate goal), a reality. So what does it mean to strengthen these connections?


Stevenson’s Law:


Most of you coming from Electronics domain might have heard about the famous Moore’s Law:

The transistor count in a silicon chip doubles itself every 18 months and ultimately it will reach a size which is so small that effects of quantum physics starts to kick in and it can no longer get any smaller.

Moore’s law is about to meet its demise but that is beyond the scope of this article. But Why did I bring this topic here anyway? The BMI technology is believed to follow a similar rule called as Stevenson’s law:

The number of neurons in the human brain that can be simultaneously recorded and stimulated will double itself every 7.4 years.




What do we mean by recording and stimulating the neuron?


Classifying the functions of the brain:


We are trying to achieve a connection between the brain and the computer. A computer performs two kind of operations: Input and Output operations. If we hope to establish a connection between our biological computer and our electronic computer, our brain should play by the same rules. When the neurons in our brain sends signals to the parts of our body, basically it sends output signals. If we could study these output signal of the neurons in our brain we can receive messages from our brain, this process is called as recording a neuron. So basically the brain’s output is the computers input. Now let us look at the other scenario. When the brain receives signals from the senses in our body, it is receiving input signals which get processed by the neurons. So we can make the computer send these signals to the brain directly to the neurons. This is called as stimulating the neurons.




So by recording and stimulating the correct neurons, we can successfully establish a complete link between the brain and the computer. These links sometimes require a surgery which is an invasive process. Sometimes we can wear an equipment around our head without a surgery to study the activity of neurons in our head and this is a non invasive process.


The possibilities:


This is the part we have all been waiting for ! We now know that establishing a strong link between the brain the computer might take a long time and we might be alive to see it happen. But that is not going to stop us from dreaming and imagining things. Being someone from the electronics background, I pondered upon this idea and came up with many concepts, which I believe might interests you:


i)T-Mail(Telepathic Mail):


So you feel sick and couldn’t get up from your bed and you want to notify your boss that you cannot make it to office today. Don’t worry just think of a message and your thoughts will be converted into proper characters in the font you want and to check for errors, your brain will be sent an image showing how the mail looks and your brain processes this visual data and you “see” how you mail looks. Upon confirmation your mail is sent to the person through the world wide web and they in turn can “see” or “hear” your messages and give their acknowledgement. For more than 50,000 years humans have been communicating using sound and it is about time we communicate using wireless technologies and the internet. Internet is no longer for computer, hell internet is not only for things. Humans can be connected to the internet too.



ii) Toogle (Telepathic Google):


We just saw the possibility of connecting our human brains to the internet. Access to the internet means access to a search engine. So when you have to finish your homework you just have to run a search in your head and Toogle provides the best solutions. RIP computers, RIP smartphones. Let’s just hope that Toogle doesn’t track your thought data.


  iii) Eye-cams:




Our eyes are nothing short of a camera, in fact they are even better than our digital cameras. With our brains directly connected to our computers, you no longer need a camera or a DSLR unless you need to see long distance objects. You have to think about taking a picture of what you are seeing and your eyes will take a picture and send it to the computer. You can store is in cloud or you can send it to someone else through T-mail.


iv) Enhanced MR and VR:


Everyone might have heard about Virtual Reality ( “VR” which is basically a simulated virtual environment you can experience by wearing special goggles in your eyes) and Augmented reality ( “AR” which means many graphic objects appear in your video feed of the actual world like Pokemon Go). Well, AR’s advanced version is called as Mixed Reality ( Where the virtual objects that appear in your screen react to the changes in the actual environment you are capturing in your screen). With BMI, AR no longer finds any use as your brain can easily deduce what is going on around us and the computer can use this data to add additional visual information superimposed to the things we see. To explain it in simpler words. Your brain “sees” extra things generated by the computer and you can interact with those extra things like below:





These Ironman holograms will be generated by the computer and sent to our brain.


Feeling bored? Wanna play PUBG or any other games? Well just close your eyes and you can find yourself holding a gun with your teammates near you. So what is happening? Our computers have taken complete control over our senses in this virtual world. You no longer see the stuff of the real world. It is being generated by the computer. You no longer hear the things of the real world. It is being generated by the computer. You no longer feel the things of the real world, they are being generated by the computer. Sounds cool uh?



You will feel like holding this gun and hear the guns firing near you.


V) World tour from your couch:


Wanna take a break? Wanna enjoy the beauty of the world and eat delicacies all over the world all by sitting in your couch? Sounds funny right? Well it is possible with BMI. Just connect with robots placed all over the world. You now see the things the robot see. You can go to the places you want and the robot will go there. You won’t feel the different you brain will perceive as if you are really in that place and your will feel like walking. So it is basically just like VR but now you are walking in the actual world. Just don’t turn into a terrorist.



We are just basically scratching the surface and your creativity is only the limit. You can even control the devices in your home by your thoughts. If you find an intruder in your house ,just turn of the lights immediately and knock him out. Telekinesis can become a reality. As I said, your creativity is the only limit here and there are endless possibilities.


But what if I say that we can go even beyond this just a bit further and achieve the ultimate form? For that we have to sacrifice this human vessel and upload our conscience to the cloud or a robot.


Sounds interesting right?


Well…then stay tuned.



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Written by Kishore. K, Third year,  Electronics and Communication Engineering


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