When holidays took over…

By Nikhil Kanakamedala

I was sick of college. Now don’t lie, you were too! For one we dint know why they had to have an election in the first place,….uh for obvious reasons. You think the Congress had a chance?! But it’s really cute that even they thought they had something going on there with Rahul empowering women every time he opened his mouth and Priyanka with her rhetoric.The “good days” weren’t meant for them after all.                                And second, the election ate up all our Saturdays and the festivals deserted us too (except for Pongal) making us bank on the solitary Sunday for our holiday temperament. It did not suffice and made us realise how twenty four hours of non college time can make a difference. Week after week it was the same. No one kept track of assessments and internals anymore. It was all confusing and felt way too hasty compared to a normal semester. I’m not sure if the concept of “Saturday working” was our Dean’s brain child ( it must be, it fits!) but heck we would’ve completed the portions without it anyway and anyhow.

Then finally it hit us; the holidays – like the first droplets of cool rain falling upon a drought inflicted land; like the thin rays of vibrant sunlight emerging when you open a window long closed; like the alluring smell of your favourite dish filling your nostrils when your mom is still cooking it; like the…………Well, you get it right? I’m creative!
The feeling completely engulfed us. It fell upon us and changed us completely. No one knew how the first twenty days were spent. “Like cigarette smoke, she came and she went” best explains our situation. And then if you have an orange tag like me at home, you probably realised that time is valuable and planning is necessary and all that crap. You never gave a damn anyway. Some of you went to your hometown to visit grandparents and get a taste of life which you thought was bygone. Or a pleasure trip with friends or family where you posed for photographs more than anything. Some of you faked an in-plant training at a reputed industry. Some of you spent money and faked extensive training. The rest of you like me, probably rotted at home.


The initial stage: Your blood is boiling. You feel something useful must be done else there is a very threat to your existence. But worry not, for you must have found something worthwhile and also I checked casualties every day. As for me, I ended up meddling with my piano more than six hours a day. We share a nice bond.
The mid stage: You are tired. The ticking of the clock makes you tired. The photo update from your friend interning at ABC makes you tired. You are tired of talking. You are tired of keeping mum. Sometimes you are tired of even breathing. Everything around you reminds you of your worthlessness. As for me, I ended up banging my head against the wall more than six hours a day.

calvin boring

The final stage: You are at peace. You know you are thoroughly fucked up yet you’re at peace with it. You have finally started to enjoy your holidays. A routine has been developed. Everything that had you bothering previously now seems trivial. You feel you have grown wiser. You feel satisfied. You feel you could probably live like this for the rest of your life. As for me, I ended up reading paper, enjoying my food and smiling for… um, this time it’s all day.


I’m sure each one of you like me has a story to tell about your holidays. Now, suck it all up and get back to reality. We all have deeds to be fulfilled at the glorious Madras Institute of Technology. I’ll see you there.

Nikhil is an Instrumentation undergrad who is very much passionate in Engineering. Cricket followed by Pani puri is his favourite pass time. He is an avid reader and a small time writer.

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