The tale of a daily traveller


This article is to share my experience on using public modes of transport (MTC buses and trains) every day. As you have guessed, I am a day scholar. The irony is that the best part of my childhood was travelling and now that has become the worst part. Let us first concentrate on the best parts of travelling. You may get a relaxed feeling, enjoy the gentle breeze and may even take some important decision as long as you are seated! This is the part where even an extrovert becomes an introvert spending quality time with his/her soul. You can have a wider exposure to the society and gather inspiration from people.


Waiting for bus/train increases your grade of tolerance, makes you a better organizer and improves your helping tendency. Coming to the worst part of travelling, MTC buses are like ‘Super Star’, as some movies depict. They almost follow no proper timings. Trains are far better than the buses in this aspect. If you are an introvert, do not worry! Travelling for a month in bus or train will make you into an ideal extrovert. One may find all kinds of people while travelling in a bus or train. The patience testing parameters, the seat hunters (especially, window seats), the cozy crazies, the ARRs, the book addicts and two minutes of silence for those geniuses who ask us to remove our backpacks while holding their own bags on shoulders. If an older person, differently abled person or a pregnant woman stands near you when you are sitting, that would be the most embarrassing moment of your life. People around you may turn judgmental and think of you as Hitler. Funny, right? Reality is funny sometimes.



Above all, the deadliest part is travelling in crowded buses and trains. There are people who are allergic to crowd and I am one of them. People like us find it more difficult to cope up with other people but let us not forget the fact that practice makes a man perfect. No matter how frequent the buses and trains are in some routes, the crowd always exists. What must be really done to reduce crowd in such routes? This question was circling in my mind for a long time. This is a serious issue to be addressed because people suffer from various problems like falling ill and even facing deaths just because of boarding into a crowded bus or train.

Time to think; Think to change.


Written by: Nirupama Srinivasan, Second Year, CT department.





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