“Victory is in having done your best. If you’ve done your best you’ve won.”


As we step into the playground, we get to enjoy the most awaited cultural event “SIVARANJANI 2018” in the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds theme. It was a two-day intra-college cultural fest which was conducted on October 6 and 7. On the grounds of Athenaeum’s motto “Together we are one”, all the clubs and associations joined together to celebrate this triumphal event. Sivaranjani was a great platform to showcase the talents of the students. This two-day fest typically had all the cultural events and the spectators enjoyed it a lot.





The beautiful day started with the inauguration at Rajam Hall. The occasion was graced by the guest of honour Mr. Raj Mohan,the director of YouTube channel PutChutney. He graced this occasion with his jovial speech. And then it was followed by the rolling events like solo dancing, adaptune, and duo where the performers stole the heart of the audience by their mind-blowing performances. This was followed by the events like potpouri and many other fun events. The music band Vibez gave an awesome evening show and the night was lit by the Tamil traditional performances which expressed the true feeling of Tamilians. Then it was followed by a stand-up comedy show by TV stars KPY Dheena and Sathish. Then came the famous YouTuber Madan Gowri and actor Mr Anand who well interacted with the crowd and shared their experiences of how they emerged as better artists. Then the show came to an end by our senior Mr. Ramesh Prabha who enthusiastically conducted a game show.




Reported by:

P. Grace Hephzibah, Second year, Production Technology.

Photographed by:

Raj Sabreesh, Second year, Aeronautical department

Sree vignesh, Second year, Automobile department

Gokul, Second year, Production department

Bharathwaj, Second year, Aeronautical department

Arunachalam, Second year, Rubber and plastics department

Harie, Second year, Information Technology

Keerthivasan, Third year, Automobile department

Dhanvanth Raman, Final year, Automobile department



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