“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing”

In a bid to empower the mech-geeks with technical knowledge and to develop their skills in the field of Automobiles, the SAE collegiate club of MIT and the Department of Automobile Engineering have conducted its odd semester symposium SPARK ’18 on 28th of September 2018 which is a national level intercollege technical fest.
The main motive of SPARK was to gather the inexplicable minds and enlighten their knowledge on various sections of automobile. The symposium had more than 10 events and 3 workshops. The event was sponsored by Poorvika and Princeton.




The technical events such as
•Paper Presentation
•CAD modelling (converting the 2D designs to 3D objects)
•Truss Threshold (construct a truss using the material provided)
•Drawkar (Vehicle Sketching),
•How things work?
•Superquizzera (Auto quiz)
•Royal mechanics (assembling and dismantling the engine in short span of time)
added an enthusiasm factor to the event.


For the participants to chill a bit, several non-technical events like Treasure Hunt, Gaming (PUBG, Mini Militia) and rolling events were conducted. Some participated in the online events like Online photography, Die Auto Skizze, The Senna Solution and the All-Terrain BOT event had active participation from several colleges and was a visual treat to many.



The workshops on Recent trends in automobile IC engines by Dr.V.Ganesan, Power transmission draft and Engine supporting system and Advance Vehicle Technology were focused on enriching the practical knowledge.The surprise AUTOEXPO featuring an array of Cars like Ford Mustang, BMW-5 Series, LEXUS LS500H and a series of bikes like Royal Enfield, Kawasaki Ninja H2, Harley Davidson 88 grabbed the attention of the entire college.



Even after the last visitor leaves, the event is not over – at least not for its organizers. So, we welcome your comments regarding this event management. Please let us know if the events presented here were helpful to you or if you have discovered additional tips that you would like to share.


Reported by:
KarthikeyanSecond Year, Automobile Engineering

Photographed by:

Sreevignesh and Rajsekaran, Second Year, Automobile Engineering

KeerthivasanThird Year, Automobile Engineering

DhanvanthFinal Year, Automobile Engineering



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