AAE Inauguration 2018- A Report

The Association of Aeronautical Engineers (AAE) inaugurated its activities for the academic year 2018-19 on 19th of September, 2018. The ceremony commenced at 2:00 pm at the RLHC conference hall with the arrival of the Chief Guest and the Dean.

The dignitaries were our Guest of Honour, Dr.S. Vengadesan, Professor and Head, Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Madras, Dr.A. Rajadurai, Dean, MIT, Dr.B.T.N.Sridhar, Professor and Head, Department of Aerospace Engineering along with Mr.V.Suresh, Staff Incharge, AAE and the office bearers. The function was graced by faculty members, teaching and non-teaching staff and students of the department.

As per tradition, the program began with an invocation of the almighty. The Kuthuvilakku was lighted as a sign of enlightenment by the dignitaries. Head of the Department Dr. B.T.N Sridhar welcomed the gathering with his heartful welcome address. He injected the fruit of perseverance and self-belief, stating the bravery of the pilots of Air India 101, who landed a Boeing 777-300 safely despite the failure of all the instruments required for landing including poor visibility conditions. He highlighted the important duties and roles of students to be played in the field of aeronautics. The history and the past activities of the association was put forth as words of compliment to the members of AAE by the Staff-in-charge Mr. V. Suresh. Mr. Kaushic, Chairman, AAE gave an insight into the future plans and activities of the association.

Following them, the Presidential address was delivered by our beloved Dean. His thought-provoking speech emphasized on the ways to stay updated with the current technology and he urged students to use the facilities and labs set up at the campus to help transform their conceptual ideas into real time projects.

The event geared-up with the Chief Guest’s address in which he enlightened the students about technical developments. He briefed the students on the latest technological advancements in Aerospace industry including the development of zero-fuel airplane which used solar power for thrust. He then spoke on the deep sense of our senior Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s quotes and advised the students not to deviate from their primary goal by small hindrances. As an expression of gratitude on behalf of all the people present there Mr. Abishek, Secretary, AAE delivered the vote of thanks.

The Chief Guest was felicitated by our Dean. Giving importance to landing, the most crucial stage of flight than flying, the event landed successfully on the runway of its future activities and ended with the National Anthem as a tribute to our country. To quench everyone’s thirst and hunger, refreshments too were provided.

Reported by: Pradeep Kumar and Bharadwaj Murali, 2nd Year, Aerospace Engineering.

Photographed by: Rajsabareesh, 2nd Year, Aerospace Engineering.

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