Message of the dusk

By Harini Subramanian

I stood on a rock facing everything,
The dusk walked in with a cool breeze.
It struck me like the shot of a gun,
Painless but deep.
Life gives more than what I take,
And the journey is better than the destination.
I closed my eyes and sensed,
Goals, failures and success not,
But, people, music and happiness,
Made my blood, flesh and bones.
To the land of paradise,
Was what it was,
The fastest travel ever.
To witness joy smile and warmth with the music of the heaven.
Back on the rock in a jiffy,
With a good old memory,
Not the world but in me,
Was a change, better than the last.
Feeling the real cold breeze,
I moved along with a content heart.

Harini, doing Aeronautical Engg. can go weeks without food, but, a day without music, phone and books is unimaginable. She likes writing which is mostly based on what she encounters in her everyday life. She loves public speaking, especially debates, extempore, JAMs etc. She feels she has a blessing from God i.e., unlike other girls she can gobble everything edible without adding an ounce of fat.

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