MITRA Inauguration – A Report

The presence of a big black robotic arm was not something that anyone who walked into Rajam Hall on Tuesday evening, could have easily missed. And the crowd that gathered there for the inauguration of The MIT Robotics Association, MITRA, waited eagerly to see the robotic arm in action.

The event started in the traditional MIT way, with the Tamizh Thai Vazhthu being played.

It was quickly followed by the lighting of the ‘Kuthuvelakku’ by the dignitaries on stage.



Dr.R.Sivaramakrishnan, the club’s staff advisor, delivered a warm welcome note, and spoke of how Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering, which had something to offer for everyone. He spoke about MITRA and it’s vision, and called the club’s office bearers onto the dias. As their names were being called it was very evident that they were indeed from different departments, a fact which resonated with Dr.Sivaramakrishnan’s words.



His speech was followed by our Dean, Dr.A.Rajadurai’s Presidential Address and as always, the Dean managed to give a lively account of the history of things. He looked back on how Robots were perceived in the past and how they have evolved to become a reality now. He urged the students to venture into Robotics, as it paves the way to the future.



MITRA’s chairman, Manikandan, took to the stage after the Dean, and listed MITRA’s achievements and agenda for this academic year. He informed that MATLAB, Arduino, Python ,Pygame and Image Processing were some of the topics that MITRA had been covering in their weekly sessions. He also mentioned the club’s symposium, DEXBOT, and the many workshops, that MITRA conducted as a part of it.



The Chief Guest, Mr. Aditya Marathe, Genreral Manager, Neugenics, was welcomed to address the gathering by Mahesh, the General Seceretary of the association..

Mr.Marathe drew many clever analogies between the Human body and Robots and used this as a tool to easily explain the technicalities involved in building a Bot. His passion for Robots was evident in the way in which he spoke of them. He showed the gathering several pictures of the many Robots that were made in his lab and explained each of them briefly. He stated that Robotics is ‘the next big thing’ and that the coming years will surely witness a surge in jobs associated with this domain of engineering. Mr.Marathe’s light hearted and engaging address ended with him speaking of the projects that Neugenics completed in collaboration with Universities, the robotic arm being one of them. He went on to power the arm up and quickly demonstrate its working. And on that high note, he urged the students to collaborate and build something fascinating like the robotic arm.



As the ceremony was coming to an end, MITRA’s treasurer, Kishore Kumar, spoke briefly about the club’s plans to launch MIT-HUB.



MIT-HUB, which was inspired from the very popular GITHUB, is to serve as a repository of codes and other information associated with the projects completed by MIT-ians. It was informed that MITHUB can be accessed by anyone and will not be restricted to the students of MIT. The link for the same was unveiled to be

Ramalingavadivu, the club’s vice chairman, delivered the vote of thanks and as per custom, the National Anthem was played, marking the end of the inauguration ceremony.

Reported By: Tirumalasri, Third Year, Electronics and Communication Engineering

Photographed By: Raj Sabareesh, Second Year, Aeronautical Engineering

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