IEA Inauguration ’18 – A Report

The Inauguration of IEA aka Instrumentation Engineers Association was held on 12th September 2018.The venue chosen for this glorious occasion was KVN Conference Hall,Instrumentation department.This time the association was inaugurated by Mr.A.Sivaraman, CEO, M/S Vipra Engineers And Projects, who had a beautiful insight about Instrumentation,along with HOD of the Department – Dr.J.Prakash, Dr.T.Thyagarajan and the office bearers.



As per the unwritten tradition of MIT the event was started with Tamizh Thaaivaazhthu.Soon,the kuthuvelakku was lighted by the chief guest-Mr.A.Sivaraman,followed by HOD,Treasurer along with the Chairman and Secretary of IEA. After the general proceedings,the HOD of Instrumentation Department,gave us much anticipated information about the on-campus placements of this academic year, along with the funding received for SIEMENS held at MIT Campus which had a thumping amount of Rs.500 Crores! He was also pleased to thank the immediate office bearers who had made last year-A Grand Success!



Then, Chairman – Mr.E.Justin Winster came forward summarising the achievements and traditions followed by IEA. They were as follows, Guest Lectures, Carrier Guidance Programmes and many more events. He briefly explained about the students who got placed on-campus and who have got admission in top proficient leading universities abroad.The former Treasurer Dr.D.Kalpana was presented a memento for her distinguished work, last year.



Dr.T.Thyagarajan gave the Presidential Address,giving us his insight about IEA and explaining the beauty of IEA, being that the work load is equally shared by the students of the department in the regard of organisation of various events.He also mentioned about “HEECA-Health Energy Environment Cleanliness Agriculture” which must be the main focus for the next generation. DR.D.Vasanthi, Treasurer, enhanced our knowledge about our chief guest who had completed his B.E Electronics And Instrumentation Engineering in Annamalai University.(Batch 1994-1998)
The chief guest gave his Inaugural Address. He shared that he had no idea about the department as most of the college students do but highlighted that Instrumentation is a multidisciplinary course of both Hardware and Software. He also added that he totally agrees upon “HEECA”.




The most important point to be noted was that every company needs Instrumentation Engineers,but only “one”, so it is important to have the basic knowledge about every company but specialise in ONE! The diverse fields in Instrumentation were also added by him. The chief guest was presented with a memento as a token of appreciation! And Mr.S.Manoj,Secretary, IEA delivered the vote of thanks. The function ended well with the National Anthem. And for those of you who might think Instrumentation had no job opportunities or the least suggested course the chief guest address was Inspiring!




Reported by: Aashique Roshan, Second year, Electronics and Instrumentation engineering

Photographed by: Gokul, Second year, Production technology

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