SPART Inaugration – A Report

The Department of Rubber and Plastics Technology every year inaugurates it’s association the SPART –  “Society Of Plastics And Rubber Technologists”. This event is organized by the SPART team to make the students to get aware of many facts and information about the department they are studying. The team believes that this will help the students to gain knowledge about the department and also to realize the responsibilities the students have, to bring glory to the department.



This event took place on the 4th of September 2018, in the conference hall, RLHC.


The event was packed with the students of RPT from 2nd ,3rd and the 4th year, along with their Head Of Department Dr.B.Kothandaraman and professors Dr.K.Ravichandran , Dr.V.Subrahmanian, Dr.N.Natchimuthu ,Associate professor L.S.Jayakumari, Assistant professor Dr.K.Elangovan and other teaching and Non-teaching faculties.


This event was also graced by the presence of Our respected Dean Dr. Rajadurai and chief guest, Mr.K.A.P.Pandian, Managing partner, V.P.K Rubber Corporation.


Following the welcome address, the HOD shared few words about the department, which included about the infrastructure and the resources that the department can for the students. He also added about the history of the department and how well this department is better than the others by quoting about the placements available to the students. And following this, Mr.Hari Prasath SPART chairperson gave a brief information on the role and activities of SPART, their future plans and some information about the Elastoplaz 2k19.



After this, our respected Dean gave an engaging speech about his knowledge and experience on rubber and plastic materials. He also talked about the current trends of the plastic and rubber industry and shared many facts on how the industry was before many years ago and how it is now. Finally, he stressed on the 3R’s we have to follow Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and also suggested another R, Refuse. And ended his inspirational, and informational speech with his wishes for success to all the students.



Following a short introduction of the chief guest, K.A.P.Pandian shared his life experience, on how he handled to become an entrepreneur from scratch. He shared his journey from being a simple man from a very small village to a manager in a huge firm in Dubai and finally becoming a very reputed entrepreneur. Towards the end of his speech it became so emotional that no one could resist to give an ovation to him. And he made everyone feel honoured to have him on this graceful event. He was given a memento as a token of gratitude from the SPART team.
And with a formal vote of thanks this wonderful event came to an end.


Reported by: Vishwa, Second year, Rubber and Plastic Technology.
Photographed by: Arunachalam, Second year, Rubber and Plastic Technology.

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