Two sides

By Mohideen Meeran V

Real Autokarar!

MIT gate: In Chennai, it was very rare to find a man committing himself to serving the homeless poor, but we have a man here sacrificing a lot to stray animals to experience real fulfillment and balancing of life! It was very exciting to find that one man’s passion, determination to feed the stray animals three times a day perfectly. Let me introduce you Mr. Venu, an auto driver who looks a little above 60 still driving his career with his simple auto. He was a very poor man initially riding a rickshaw around 30 years ago and struggled a lot to get his two daughters married. Now his life has reached a stage where he can find time to enjoy what he likes most. His auto has a metre and he is the safest and honest driver around the area as said by local residents.

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He used to buy four parle biscuit packets three times a day. He even used to sprinkle the biscuit pieces at some corners as it would become a meal for ants.

  When I asked him why he is doing all this, he replied in a low voice,
“ayyya,namma rumba naal irukaporadhu illa, avlo kaasa vachitu enna panna porom? Vaai illa jeevangaluku koduthu namma surroundinga healthya vachirukanum”

“We should always think and try to make every being around us happy”
-A lesson from a uneducated poor autokarar (simply awesome man!)

The Beedi effect!

MIT Annex: We all know the bad effects of beedi and cigarettes. You want to know another bad thing about using them? Have a look at this picture.
Are you wondering how a wasteland comes into this picture? How is this a bad effect of cigarette?
Our only gift, the so called ‘greenery’ is slowly getting lost in some way or another.
The place where this happened is just the right side of Marutham mess where we ‘HAD’ some notable greenery till 2 pm on 28.03.14 and all of a sudden this location gives the look of a GRAVEYARD(*worse than that)

CAM03125 CAM03131 CAM03129 CAM03120
Sources say that the fire was caused due to a beedi smoked by a construction worker near the Marutham mess. The worker had smoked the beedi during his leisure time and had thrown it way without putting it off into the grassy area near the mess. The sun added fuel to fire and slowly the fire picked up.
The construction worker was stunned as he had never expected this kind of disaster to happen. Water filled buckets rushed to the spot to put off the fire.

Now we have made even the nature to smoke and affect its life in turn. The BEEDI effect is not only on man but also on the nature surrounding us!

-A lesson from the nature to all of us.

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