This Girl in a Black Dress


I am this girl in a black dress trying hard to fit in


But somewhere in the smooth pace, do I trip into a puddle of doom


And when the puddle turns out to be a lake


I dive deep.


I dive deep in, only to find out what the illusion casts


It says that the lake, is not a lake,


But a river, for I find myself swaying with the flow


Believer am I,  to hope that the flow is only for the good


Dear, don’t you know where the river destines?


A murderous push into the deep ocean of darkness,


And that is all that takes me to drown alive.


Afraid am I, for suffocation has always choked me nearly to death


I swim hard to see my sunshine but it seems harder,


Never have I ever felt this hard


And then I see myself being dragged by a heaviness,


A heaviness that takes every little last thing left with me


The darkness only grow when I reach out and now I give up


’cause I’m this girl in a black dress whom you will fail.


Written by:  Jayasri, Second year, Production Technology

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