An Undelivered Letter

To the two crazy kids of my life,

You two were too naughty for words, always fighting each other for the silliest of things. It took immense efforts from our side to keep you two quiet even for a while. However, you have given us major couple goals during your times. The way you care for grandma is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, grandpa. Somewhere between all those scolding and shouting, your love for her shone bright in your eyes. And yes, thank you for giving your daughter as the priceless possession of my life. You loved me like there is no tomorrow. You treated me like a princess. But little did I know that you would become my shining star, gone far away… forever.

And hey pretty lady; I know you missed him dearly. But that doesn’t mean that you too had to leave us so soon, okay. It’s alright because with you people here, I had a chance of meeting you only once in a while. Now, I know that you have become a part of my existence. Grandpa, the last phone call we had and the words you shared will forever be ringing in my heart. You too could have talked something, grandma. Never mind I will not forget your tantrums (Lol). You two have taught me to live independently even at the worst situations. As your grandchild, I adore you and am amazed by the way you have brought up my mom and me since I have spent three years of childhood and almost all of my holidays with you. Miss you grandma. And hey grandpa, come back once please! I miss you a lot.

I know this letter is definitely going to reach you for you are with me in every letter I type, in every word I speak and in every emotion I feel.

-Your little Fatman

Written By : Aarthi . A.K.R, First Year, Electronics and Communication

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