A tequila for the heart

You know you are in love when you like everything about her. You know you are in love when you take long routes just to get that one glimpse of her. You know you’re in love when you start liking the things that she likes, you start hating the things she dislikes, you sleep for just a few hours and still feel fresh, you don’t sleep before looking at her profile, you keep re-reading her messages to understand if there’s any deeper meaning to it and you keep imagining the conversations you would have when you’re together.

You know it’s love when you smile after imagining times together, when you are all charged up when you start taking interest in helping people, you try to keep everyone happy, you feel that life is only fair and it just couldn’t get better. You know it’s love when you get jealous of her talking to someone else, you know it’s love when you go out of the way to her out of any possible trouble and you know it’s true love when you keep on doing things with no expectation whatsoever.

You know it’s love when you start enjoying your friends teasing you and you miss it when they don’t. If she has become a part of your personal diary, you’re in love. When she has become a part of all your plans, you’re in love. If you’ve started taking the time to better yourself so that she loves you back, you’re in love.

You’re in love. Deep love. The love that starts from sunrise and doesn’t set with the days end. The love that would make you do things for someone unconditionally. The love that will make you a better person. The love that makes you feel glad that you’re in love. The love that becomes larger than life and your life becomes a part of that love!

Written by Risheekkumar Baskaran, Third Year, Aeronautical Engineering.

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