Understanding Starts With (yo)U – Part 3

It’s been a while since I wrote. Alas, engineering is tiring. I hope this piece of writing makes up for the gap.

A note to the readers:

There has been serious stuff happening in the country lately. If you think you’re one among the general audiences waiting to read a lament about such issues , sorry you’re in the wrong place. I’m not going to say anything of much importance. This article is just about random thoughts I had which I guess some of us might have had once a while : during a peaceful afternoon with nothing to do, during an uninteresting bus travel , or during a soft, calm evening stroll.



I’ve been having a question in my mind lately. Why do we write exams ? Right from kindergarden we’ve been trained to write exams (just like we’re trained to study :P) But where would’ve these stuff started ? Even in Mahabharata there was this highly regarded teacher, Dhrona. He questioned students before testing them on archery (just like viva before practicals). According to history, he was also partial it seems. He refused to accept Karna. (Just like top colleges refusing students with low cut-offs. )There talents were screened by caste. Here interest was screened by marks.


We all have this top-alone attitude. We either want to be in the top most position or die trying.It’s as if there’s nothing in between. We ourselves come to this conclusion that if we score above certain high marks, we need to be a doctor or an engineer. If we score in some range below that, we deserve the arts and science courses. Those creative courses are becoming near extinct as professional studies , securing their positions as hobbies. At least once, we would’ve all gone through a frustration to achieve scores as if in a battle filed ( like Bahubali, saying ‘Jai Mathematics’ carrying a pen in his hands). But one day we come to understand all this to secure a job in an MNC with a decent salary. That’s all is life. Once in a while we feel like asking ‘why all this fuss?’; just then there’ll be a exam round the corner and we’ll leave everything to start preparing.



Slowly we’re losing our ability to think in this perfectly cut fabric of life which we’ve woven for ourselves. Did we ever think how life was created on this planet or even how the planet was created? Physicists say Earth with life is a mistake in the symmetrical universe with space-time continuum. And we humans are a result of gene mutations and multiplications of those single celled organisms. Isn’t this wierd ? It’s possible that we might’ve even evolved differently. But we never gave it real thought as we’re busy undergoing training.

Even after studying all these stuff and becoming the “so-called” professionals, we fail in a subject called humanity. We never think from other’s point of view. It’s ‘I’ and ‘me’ everywhere. We’ll even hold other’s legs to get up the ladder ( tripping them or begging them , either way the goal is always to become famous). To be honest , the world is not a safe place anymore. (Was it safer before?) Instead of man and woman living in harmony, one is being harassed by the other. If we support women, they call us “feminists” , else if we support men we’ll be called “male chauvinists”.

One undeniable thing is we always do things which are favorable to us. Even if we want to fight for justice we resort to fasting. How lovely? Don’t need to do anything. Just sit at a place silently in front of banners (after eating whole -heartedly the previous day ) until the media (drained of sensational news) drops by. Whatever we people are, no doubt we’re clever. We sure have this smart nature of twisting everything to our favor.


The question is when are we going to change ? There’s lot to be changed and the future lies only in our hands. Instead of blaming people and waiting for revolutions, let’s take the first step. We need to believe in ourselves first and analyse the right and wrong. There’s no separate entities such as good and bad people.They’re but the different manifestations of our own inner self. It’s time we start questioning ourselves as I strongly believe understanding starts with yo(U).

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Written by : Pavithra.K, Second Year, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering.

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