Humanity lost?

Whenever a child is born, it is really priceless to see the faces of its parents, the way they are happily shedding tears! It will be like their dream just became true! A small face and the baby blinking its small eyes on seeing light and holding the father’s little finger with its whole hand! Right from that day, parents start dreaming about the future of the baby.

It gives us so much happiness and even our stress level reduces to a major extent when we see them laughing, their giggle and their innocent smile knows nothing. The most colorful part of life for both the parent and their child is its childhood.

But when we hear that small children who are 5 years and 7 years old getting raped, killed and being threatened and are being bribed for not disclosing the incident to their parents, we humans lose in the race of altruism. How could a person just molest or rape or even look in wrong way! Won’t his conscience question him ? Yeah! Can we expect such things from him? He being a beast will obviously not have any conscience or humanity lingering inside him.. Humanity cries every single day,it cries even harder whenever it hears inhuman acts of children being sexually assaulted.

The count still keeps increasing day by day..Are men so cheap and stone hearted that they force themselves on a small kid just to satisfy their sexual pleasure, that they don’t show any kind of mercy to that innocent soul? Every day we come across such incidents at least once don’t we? But how many of us really feel ashamed for even living in a society like this where girls are just seen as a sex toy? How many of us actually react after being molested in a public place?

It really hurts to even think what a girl will go through whenever she is molested by a man, whenever someone touches her private part.. Do we really react even if we know that it’s a bad touch?When even a well educated woman or a teenager does not react when such a thing happens, feeling embarrassed, how can we expect a small innocent soul to even understand that it is a bad touch or they are being ill-treated or molested. Many of us didn’t know that these parts even attracts men, we weren’t even aware of the kind of stare one gives..We don’t even understand if that was just a stare or it was a lusty look !

At an age of 5,7 or 9, children play but just because you were craving for sex, she is going through the pain of bleeding where even parents fail to find a remedy for it ! What happens when she understands what actually happened to her at that age? Will that incident ever disappear from her memory ? Will she ever be able to go out and play ? Will she ever be able to trust a male? Will she ever be able to live her colorful life of childhood? Will she ever feel secured and protected?

Instead of protecting or asking her to stay at home teach the young men to look at a women’s eye when he sees her rather than looking at her sexually attracting parts..Teach men to stay in their limits,ask them to stay at home at night and make a fence around men rather than pressurising a woman..Change the way men look at women, don’t try to design a women’s life according to your needs!

Written by Monica Baskar, Second Year, Production Technology.

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