2nd of June, 2017. Yes, I do remember all of them.



Chaos, I believe is a word of negativity. Chaos, is unpleasant.


I’ve always been a guy who believes life is huge, and amidst the chaos in our lives, we all need to take some time to make ourselves less complex, and to isolate ourselves from the world of stress, and strain. Empty roads, after-rain coffees, long walks, are my kinda stuff, and there was this night, those ten minutes, which I wish could’ve never ended.


Coming to the present, 2nd of June. I, along with a bunch of my mates, was right there, at the top of a mountain. We trekked all through the slope, to reach this place of beauty. We were there by evening, and when we reached, we stood still, and turned around to all the sides. We stood at one of the eight peaks in there, and ours being the shortest made us feel we were completely inside a world of mountains. We felt like there’s no way out, and that kind of feeling, trust me, is something special.


Being clueless of which way to go when in the woods is always a special feeling. As we were there, I could constantly smell the fragrance of fresh plants, and moist sands. Ears were constantly filled with sounds of rise and fall of winds, and for the eyes, it was a delight. The sun kept dropping, and the chillness, and wind speed increased proportionally with time. So, the sun went down, and by then our bodies went out of gas.


Being in the middle of a whole new world of wood, standing on the peak of a mountain, with fast winds, and intense darkness, a little bulb with a yellow ray of light provided a little life. So we came back to the tent, and witnessed one of our three tents get blown down by the winds. Such was its power. So, mountains, dark nights, intense chillness, and fast winds, that was what it was.



After working hard enough to let the other two tents stay alive, everyone managed to sleep, and I was the one holding the rod to keep the tent stay stable. The clocked ticked 2’o clock, and I was sitting inside the tent holding the bars, viewing outside through the little gap made by the sheets of tents. It was during the two minutes when the rod got fixed, I moved out of the tent for a while to heal my cramped legs. I could feel the night. I witnessed all the trees moving fast in the direction of the winds, yet in a peaceful manner.


I heard the winds blowing at high speed for a second,  then deteriorate for a while, and raise up its speed again, making it sound fairly similar to that of the sea waves. My face was all dry,  I could feel the pain in my throat, and the region between my lips and my nose wanted a constant rub. My breathe was now completely mixed with that of the fragrance of leaves, and my thin sized shirt was negligible to the cold caused by the night making me shiver like a spoon that was hit on a table.


With my sleepy head still viewing straight at the nearby Mountains, came into the conclusion that, mountains, when viewed from distance are seen only as sloppy plains, but in real, they are dense, they aren’t simply sloppy grounds with grass, instead they are dense with trees, and they are, magical ! There’s life in every coordinate of a mountain.



The darkness I faced, the hue wasn’t black. The darkness had hues of dark blue. And with the dark green leaves of the trees glowing, the darkness within every space between the trees looked frightening, when given a thought about what could actually be there. Grasping the wooden frame separating the top of the mountain, and the sloppy part of it, I looked all around, constantly gasping, tilting my sleepy head and looking above. Blue tinged sky,  and what remained there was nothing but ART.


I remained calm, and stared above. From my perspective, what my eyes witnessed was, narrow peaks of mountains, with a vast dark blue tinged sky with infinite stars in it. It was like a never ending canvas with endless art.  I didn’t look in awe at them. My eyes didn’t open wide, neither did my jaws drop. I was calm, and pacified. I looked, I stared, and I gazed. I questioned myself what could be in there, or what could be happening.


Life felt huge. Life felt like a poem which I failed to sing. I imagined of how old they were, and how long they were staying. What I looked up at was infinite and endless. When you turn your eyes everywhere around, you could see them everywhere. The vast canvas is full of wonders we could never imagine, and with wonders we could never understand.


I, for the first time, felt chaos is beautiful, and positive. There was beauty in the complexity, calmness of the chaos, and a universe within me.


Written by: Siva Prasad, Second year ECE 

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